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Beijing enterprise begins to go all out grab " the sea returns " talent
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According to Beijing daily report, our company beg “ with high salary hire overseas market controller, ‘ sea puts in ’ 's charge preferential! ” this was a few days ago senior talented person of duty field ” is gotten to negotiate in gold of the 5th “ the job announcement on the meeting. As we have learned, because many enterprises had overseas business,extend capacity of late, abroad homecoming personnel is very popular already now.
Sponsor the square east of one Sun Dayuan of vice president of intelligent rich company says, negotiate with before 4 can compare, this negotiates can have a marked characteristic, it is position of company invite applications for a job in, the position that needs abroad work became popular, include abroad branch manager, overseas type of work in production to divide manager of learn on job of director of packet of manager, abroad education, overseas market, abroad finance affairs instructor of selling manager of manager, overseas market, abroad product, capital is run reach abroad appear on the market the position such as chief, of these position apply for a requirement to be mixed besides the major of itself of;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to position normally outside experience, still ask to have skilled foreign language level.

Demand has the market, according to east resume of advanced person with ability of intelligent rich company registers library statistic, 23% what the senior talented person that has abroad job setting or countrywide market to develop working experience holds total number. Sea of a “ puts in ” personnel 's charge to express, if the opportunity returns a familiar exotic job, oneself have an advantage very.

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