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The talent in HR eye
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In eye of director of resource of labor power of a few well-known companies, nice talented person has the talented person of “3Q” namely, among them IQ is professional knowledge or logic ponder over ability not merely, still include to learn ability. And EQ involves working enthusiasm, AQ is involved fight control capacity, this is the fundamental condition of outstanding talent.
It is IQ above all, besides the knowledge related position and skill, still represent think with logistic ability, and study and the ability that solve a problem. Be in especially intellectual economy times, the capacity that the individual has currently, fold caustic through can having photograph place 3 two years, because this is ceaseless the ability of study is important all the more.
Moreover, about skill, it is professional skill not only, communicate also include with English ability, fall in the trend of globalization otherwise, individual certainly will hard timely absorb new knowledge, and if cannot good communicate, again ability also is developed right-down hard.
As to EQ, the ” of “ mood intelligence quotient that is a person, want to see a person whether be full of enthusiasm to the job and life, whether be a person that “ sympathizes with heart ” and “ susceptibility ” , look to whether can be believed with other each other even at the same time, mutual agitate gives potential.
AQ is ” of “ adversity quotient, emphasize one individual perseverance, boldness and staying power, whether is there state of mind when facing adverse circumstance, be faced with difficulty to whether to abandon easily.
When the individual is choosing a company, stability of meeting hope company grows, employee material benefits is perfect, but to apply for a job person also should ask oneself first whether create performance for the company, employee tries hard together, company ability stability grows, just also can have good material benefits.
Entrepreneur thinks, nice talented person is “ good the talented person that uses ” , it is to be in the duty field with intense competition, can cooperate company step to have work travel dynamic employee, learn force even at the same time beautiful of strong, performance, it is work overtime act against one's will, also be to stem from sense of responsibility, also be to be oneself to learn experience and oneself future to work overtime. Entrepreneur is not encouraged often change the job, 30 years old before, can explore in order to go probably the job that oneself suit, but later grow gradually as the age, must tend stable, the eye that is oneself is responsible.
To just entering the youth of duty field, must have relatively the obedient sex of beautiful, lay good foundation solidly for in the future, ask ceaselessly to oneself, surmount a challenge, “ lets be in charge of the ability that underestimates you, is not overmeasure your ability ” , the stage that just discovers you later is too small, should give you the space of more play. Finally is to should have originality, do not wait for boss to do decision-making ability to do the work that carry out, should want to assume settlement the way to deal with a situation actively, let a boss become choice problem
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