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Rear prospective head
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“ of education future cacique does not try a mistake (Try And Error) , should try to succeed however (international of Try And Success)” is famous manage advisory Williams Bai Han (William C. Byham) thinks, new economy times comes, market competition all the more is intense, and rate is rapidder and rapidder, the enterprise manages the space that err to narrow, enterprise must with new and right idea will run a company, avoid meaningless mistake, the base oneself upon in just can competing intensely.

Administrative globalization business is important and pivotal
Taiwan enterprise faces the competitive pressure of globalization, the cacique talent of the observation that can develop open international concept, acumen actively, sober eye and good study ability, will be battalion of already of look forward to sends the important key that get the better of; Williams cypress rarely thinks, in times of prospective new economy, the competition of the enterprise no longer this locality of bureau be confined to, however outspread to globalization battlefield, and have perfect leadership to groom system, it is 21 centuries cannot the fundamental trend of oversight.

Build global acuity

Williams cypress rarely expresses, although Taiwan acts an important role in global economy arena, but the competitive pressure that Taiwan enterprise also faces globalization at the same time however. Although partial enterprise breeds the topic for discussion such as ” to comparative already to successor of company of ” of “ leader style, “ ,take seriously, but a lot of enterprises to industry leader idiosyncratic, breed, choose or prospective trend does not have specific and integrated idea.

He also thinks at the same time, in fact, although go tens of year come Taiwan economy grows quite successfully, but come as times of new economy, internationalization, the experience of Taiwan enterprise can't manage future to heal the enterprise of hasten globalization, it is this bit must the place of try hard to catch up.

Williams cypress rarely puts forward leader to build acuity of “ whole world (the importance of Global Acumen)” , he emphasizes be in more and more the new economy times of internationalization, all leaders know an environment hard change, master international circumstances; Also because lead idiosyncratic changes, prospective leader is needed by the management of authoritative in the past type, change is the management that leads style, make the organization is in the crucial role in industrial value catenary, and member of can incentive organization and protocol business development are politic.

Williams cypress rarely is special point out administrative globalization enterprise a few important keys:

One, wish respect government: When enterprise dimensions not quite, or branch not a long time, between the member that organize communicating is not so be taken seriously, but run company of a globalization, the management target the enterprise and wish scene photograph is united in wedlock, let global employee can have the cause of the joint efforts, appear quite important.
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