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Who is the enemy with the biggest group
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Traditional idea always ascribes group failure to administrative layer, should say this " normally " the fault that is administrative layer is more accurate. The write of group act recklessly or unsuccessful reason already had many, and spearhead points to administrative layer mostly. Among them, a lot of judge appropriate. The time with long-term vision, enough without investment lack and financial capacity, groom winding up the matter hastily to wait too less with the guidance that offer is the common fault that the group is attributed to failure, it is handler think a result only and do not wish to change the disastrous effect that cause. Watch group itself instead? Administrative layer wants bend forward body self-communion, the group also wants to be in charge of to the problem of oneself and defect. Is a Bo with a few common groups below when can we get the board of directors takes seriously? In most industry organization, build and groom an important matter that employee group is administrative layer. But to employee individual, this is an extraordinary great event more. They never are passed the such attention of boss mostly, it is more important to feel his, more suffer took seriously. Of course this also can cause the hope with not real generation, can bring depressed sense again conversely. When fair plan is undone, new group can maintain them to be managed a misdirect, the issue that wants to make case with respect to meeting of one mind (if make manufacturing quota by oneself) , the issue that ignores oneself to should be solved right-down (if ensure,every employee does not need a director to supervise punctual go to work) . Because this must remind these groups constantly, their main responsibility is good working doing, is not the problem such as the product value that goes caring a company. Proposal: Not beyond the mark noisy catchs group concept. Let everybody understand working content above all. Tell a group to should solve his at first " consequence limits " the problem inside, the environment that be thrown directly around them namely and yields. The group begins corkscrew when the thing outside their duty limits, the investment of group member is used with respect to it doesn't matter, what because they are right,flow knows is very little. Tell a group limits of a time. Want to make a group final become the unit of an ego management, be about lay a course, tell a group how you achieve this goal. Make clear attributive immediately. Should be opposite these attributive are as clear as day, often declare these attributive. Blunt ground tells a group, the job still is the job, not be a position or flow. The level with group the most crucial success is the ability of the job that finish. The persistence of the cooperative at a leisurely pace of tortoise and hare may win a few contests, but always won't win. The person has different working color each. When centering them to a group, the group member of style of tortoise type job must learn to be the same as the employee with deft style to work together. Although there is certain room in the group the employee of style of OK and compatible different job, but so that the requirement that also wants formulate at least avoids conflict. The preference of although people is right different job can pass post spell to get satisfaction, but working speed and quality are the standard that all group member must observe. Proposal: Unite outstanding achievement standard. Equal outstanding achievement standard can develop the mutual respect of group member. Balance the demand of different job. When group member does a few works by turns, do not arrange some people are tiredly dead, some people however idle is gotten confused, so former became penalty, and latter became cushy job. Encourage esteem through grooming different style. Let people know, want everybody to maintain high level from beginning to end only, when they solve a problem, eight saints go across the sea, each show its can. Hold good measure the power that a lot of groups just had new discovery and duty excitement unceasingly, as a result is encountered first only then makings not as good as when the obstacle, cheated at a draught, be forced back out. They not only do not admit to change be not easy to do, instead shrug, anounce " I had said early. " the capital punishment that this sentenced further risk undoubtedly. Proposal: Want against a rainy day. Consider the resistance that encounters possibly and failure beforehand, group can the plan that formulate handles paroxysmal incident. Avoid to go up at the beginning big project. The consequence that such unsuccessful place cause is met more serious. Have a few projects at the same time. Some projects are sure the meeting is successful, another some likely get into trouble. Regard the experience of study as these successes and failure. After closing my work group to comprise, working system is changed subsequently. Meeting generation defies a few people psychology thinks, "This does not involve my issue. " , " I groom without what had gotten that respect. " or " the thing that this is administrative layer " wait. Half page paper can say traditional position content obviously for nothing, pass a long time groom, the job rises can handy, now this kind of position is less and less. Group member must study a few kinds of position at the same time, prepare to change the job, preferment to lead a post at any time, master new mastery of a skill or technique, and still can compare a few get much speed quickly to complete the work before New Year. Accordingly, if be not accompanied,have corresponding just money reward, people defies these changing no wonder also. Proposal: Ensure your requirement is reasonable, will change the small step that changes each, introduce stage by stage. Respect and care the loser in changing. Lose power or uncared-for leader and director can blame the increase, affect a group thereby other member. Let group member participate in plan and carry out what change. Ask they make suggestions. Should assure to change have sufficient management ground, tell group member. Once they see the tremendous prospect of the company, with respect to can special understanding you, make you say to surprise. The person that rots the apple destroys a group only is not each is an evil member of the herd. They often are some of good employee, just do not have comfortable its, or did not use up its just. Because every kinds of circumstance must be distinguished,treat, be in with justice. List the following kinds of conspirator reach his to answer strategy here. "Talent " employee bosom hides machine reed, working do a job with skill and ease. They feel because new challenge is lacked in the job,disappointment is. Proposal: Let they join special project or become group leader. Make them ceaseless accelerate rotate position. "Tacit model " staff job is no problem, can deal with. But they won't share a sense on party conference, also won't add organization item. Proposal: Let they and more self-confident and active colleague collaboration, or give them the job with higher demand ceaselessly, change their behaviour. "Shop steward " employee feels, holding to principle and administrative layer make a stand against is its duty, because labor-capital relations is a permanent fight. Proposal: Let whole group spot dealing of their reality or imagination complain. Discuss the issue such as outstanding achievement directly with them. "Waste one's talent on a petty job " employee fails the person uses up his just, or groom for its job relatively overmuch. Proposal: Listen to their proposal about increasing duty directly. They hold the position of accreditation leadership role. "Extremely important task " employee skill is differred or lack groom, not very competency works. Groom further or is unworkable, or at job of no help. Proposal: collocation of member of they and waste one's talent on a petty job group. Arrange them to do the work that must come, adjust the position in the group. The consideration is repulsive they. The skill that gets along with the person although human association skill is pretty good already when a lot of group member mount guard, but the interactive basic principle in still wanting to ensure every member knows a group. Establish a group to go out for high yield namely, but only the member is taken an active part in, solve a problem jointly, ability maintains excellent productivity and product quality. With respect to development group character, it is likewise important to promotional communicating and improve working method, must treat seriously. Proposal: Ensure everybody has good " base line " skill, if can carry can open mode problem, active listen respectfully, although have conflict,also can get along with other. Ask " do we make progress how? " . Encourage a group to be measured regularly with atmosphere exam survey group spirit or group scene. During outstanding achievement is evaluated, seek a companion;burst;ulcerate;fester instead let a group act well to wait for member of respect appraise through comparison with intellectual degree according to circumstance of working quality, collaboration, place.
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