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The 3rd soon " system "
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In groom, when discussing certain issue, some student say: "The company is in this respect, without the system, if had definite system, agency will reduce change goods problem henceforth. " return some saying: "If the boss delimits the bounds between two branches cent is clear about, the problem that won't appear to dispute over trifles each other. " it is reasonable that student says so, the system is administrative premise, without the system, or the enterprise with not perfect system does not have future, it counts certain person only and exist. But the station looks on another angle, can be every thing written in the system? Is the system all-purpose? Had a system " easy to handle " ? There is delicate concern between controller and system. The station looks on the boss' angle, the system is too much, often make the excuse of responsibility of certain person shirk. They can say: "Not be I do not have ability to do, also not be to did not see, not was to do more bad to the company, however the system did not set must I am done, why I am done actively? In case offend will bother how to do? " then the boss sees such action, with respect to more perfect system, form thick administrative manual, but do not forget, any systems are leaky, with respect to Lian Wei soft software should give an issue, connect " criminal law " want again and again to revise, system of management of prep let alone. Often the system is more perfect, flaw is more, still be inferior to be being written on functionary manual on " the errand that other company explains " , will repair all flaw. If the system is very perfect, some bosses can think: "Whats have definite system now, operate according to flow, electrify head, the member that I ask an article is OK, why should ask you this manager? Are you too expensive? " the boss is right! The manager is fill system space. Any systems, it is not perfect for its itself. The action of the manager makes it perfect namely. The system is rigid. The manager is flexible. The system is wood is pulled, the manager is the glue of fill board. Such ability play systems and manager are the biggest the effect, just be perfect. Look so from this angle, the system is too much the expression that is manager incapacity, like to make a system perfect administrative manager, they are infructuous, they have the suspicion that casts off responsibility. Any systems and between, make the same score slippery exceeding impossibly, always something is omited, that manager is the sticky mixture between the system. Any systems should rely on a person to coordinate carry out, that manager is joining together the ship-fitter person of different system, the manager makes a system flowing transfer. E.g. . System regulation wants to undertake assessment to the client's credence surely, just give next or do not give line of credit. That credit manager seeks a client through doing obeisance to, discovery faces query mind inquietude in this client, then the decision does not give line of credit. This " mind is restless " , it is a manager subjective judgement, there is method regulation inside the system, belong to the excessive region between the system, rely on the judgement of the manager completely. So the station looks on administrative angle, the manager is to implement a system, revamp system, bind system. In grooming, return some managers to say: "I am normative to the management of subordinate, I do not bring individual feeling to the job, because that is met,the influence works. " I was heard look up at keep a lookout, feel comical, bad also to be refuted in public, thinking secretly: "If you do not bring individual feeling to the job, what does that company want you to do? If so run way, still be inferior to setting what, everything is carried out by the system, not as more effective as your management, cheaper? Your administrative pattern and machine, compare with frozen system photograph, what distinction is there? " in the management that   is in an enterprise, most system builds what go up in merciless foundation namely, it treats employee as insensate tool, treat as do not be willing to work, and the person that hopes to take good-paying. because of such designs, just had the value that the system exists. The system is boss the seamy side reflect. The concentration that the system is distrust employee is reflected. The concentration that system dispute human nature changes is reflected. As a controller, must think ceaselessly, is the boss asks me to come why? My what respect, let a boss feel costly? What demand does he have to me? After these problems wanted to be clear about, ability can become an eligible governor. That director that says before the elephant, I should ask him: "The company asks you to become manager, want to be on merciless system namely, asperse on a few warmth. The system is merciless, you also are merciless, how can be employee canned bear? What culture does enterprise where still have? The system will reflect merciless one side, want you to reflect the one side that has feeling, system callosity, you have feeling. Such ability are harmonic, ability promotes the development of company facilities. "   anyhow controller wants to remember: Controller makes a system not blindly, too much manager behaves the system trivially, the boss uses harmonious system to be not worth you. When executive system, want to accomplish system callosity, I have feeling. News source: Network of Chinese sale transmission
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