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The net swims monthly pay of bottleneck of experience person with ability handso
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In network game gradually fashionable when, game talent becomes the bottleneck that restricts industry development however, yesterday, reporter from " person with ability of industry of first China game grooms seminar " on know, the ten million on cost of a development yuan game, the expense of the majority is to spend the firewood fulfil in personnel to go up, especially game develops a person with ability, and actual state is monthly pay 8000 yuan are enrolled be less than game talent. Yesterday, liu Jinhua expresses vice-chairman of branch of software of game of Chinese software guild, deficient of network game talent has made industry dense disease. For the breach of fill game talent, beijing of combination of game software branch collects numerous benefit wisdom company of science and technology roll out " 10 thousand people plan project of education of talent of Chinese nation pastime " . According to the plan of software association, person with ability of 10 thousand game will be developed inside 3 years, among them mobile phone game and network game talent each 2000, use free game talented person 1000, still have talented person of 5000 game art additionally, lay in mothball talent for Chinese game. Origin: Donews