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City " new deficient a group of things with common features " yearly salary 100
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Yearly salary 100 thousand, it is the firewood fulfil number that there are position or the person that did 56 years to be able to be achieved a bit in the white-collar at present, this also is a lot of people after working more than 10 years good the firewood fulfil number that makes not easily. It is not easy to take this income, it is gens of the elite in the white-collar, having professional skill and professional pursuit, the person of tall record of formal schooling, high intelligence quotient, commonplace generation besides individual outside lucky person, average person is impossible to take this income. But firewood of 100 thousand the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor is an income level that compares your person irritated heart really. If yearly salary is in 50 thousand the following, you perhaps do not have too much pursuit to the life, it is OK to be satisfied at having one is cover the one hall of stay 2 rooms, back and belly goes without care. Waited for you to have 100000 firewood, you are not willing to spend such time again, you hope to enjoy the life well, the hope has the housing of a more than 100 square metre, have a ten yuan car, of course your back and belly also won't be informal payable, you hope to have certain grade, sometimes even small endowment, then you can feel these 100 thousand money are used not quite really! Awfuller is, you take yearly salary 100 thousand also be quite not easy, you worry about your position, care about oneself job, for fear that loses all these one day, you live very exceedingly tired, be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, superior move and pressure feeling coexist. Then you are plainting everyday: Live very tiredly! Head period search even for the building money   person wants in the home: Mr Lin male, maiden   working hours: Position of 3 years of   : Chief of IT company branch   month income: 7000-8000 yuan   I now monthly pay 7000 multivariate, share out bonus plus the end of the year, yearly salary should be to be able to be achieved 100 thousand the left and right sides. This compensation is in we this industry, not tall not low, should attribute moderate level. Of course, be in with age in the friend, still calculate taller, I am a few a few jobs in college fellow student achieve yearly salary 3 years the person of 100 thousand, from this I have sense of pride very much for the dot. Results wants to pay of course, I feel the working ability of myself is worth this income. Do us this group, the contact since the job is gone to nervous like fight, the job does not have the rule, working overtime had been common occurrence, to this, the girlfriend already complained for many times, but also do not have method. Workload big and the competition between the colleague is intense, a bit cannot be loosened. Someone work is the one part of the life, my criterion is the component that lives into the job. Resemble this year National Day golden week, very much not easily time goes out to travel, the result is in travel road, still receive company telephone call, a process went error, the time of result most day, the someone is playing, I follow Guangzhou company to solve even the line the problem with the mobile phone in the car, also play not easily, pay brushstroke high specified number fee of long-distance mobile phone even. Do you feel my present life position is very comfortable? I calculate brushstroke Zhang to listen to you: Hire room charge every months to add water and electricity to expend 1200 yuan many again (summer is more than still this several) , give the home every months in 1000 yuan (encounter a festival to increase) even, communication is expended (the phone gets online) 600 multivariate, traffic cost is daily two when hit, every time 20 multivariate, a month comes down is 1250 yuan, have a meal every months, accompany a girlfriend to shop 2500 yuan of above, this still does not include friend party, bubble wait for recreation. The consumption that still has other scattered and disorderly was not added. If encounter great red-letter day, resemble dad Mom birthday, girlfriend birthday, still have the christmas day that reached next month, of course the gift is indispensable, this at least wants 349, the deposit of that month also with respect to hundreds of yuan, so my it doesn't matter deposits money. The issue that buys a house also carries a plan this year. I ran repeatedly recently several buildings dish, a sector of an area is nice, resemble the Milky way the building here, at least every square 6000 above, if buy a 100 square metre, be about 60 much, the month is offerred 2000 multivariate to me still take pain to a bit for now, so next the day wants tighten waist band, too difficult and simple life. Nevertheless, head period money looks or should follow with thickskinned wanted in the home. Read: Why to always do oneself so that turn all round. Buy a car to be about to reduce figure of life class   : Bill male, married   working hours: Position of 6 years of   : Income of month of   of manager of financial orgnaization branch: 8000 multivariate   this actuating pressure is very great, rhythm is fast, information is updated fast also, look at new personality taller than a record of formal schooling, also worry quite sometimes, oneself besides experience, whats cannot follow working enthusiasm, record of formal schooling new personality comparing, seek an opportunity so or want to fill report, read those who read MBA and so on, do not have time really now nevertheless, you see me come home to write a working report even today, work overtime even this Saturday. Have time or should rest more, cure mental talent to face so nervous job predicament. It is OK still that this income should say to get along now. E.g. , our home leaves one week only probably partner, other time is to issue eating house to solve, the dining-room of a bit also can be paid attention to to have a meal to class when time has the state of mind, hear new-blown characteristic dining-room also can taste have a taste of what is just in season. Hit last week 50 multivariate car, to Zhongshan inn of bolus of beef of 8 a current state has a meal, dish form is quite pure, it is some further. Nevertheless, after marrying, young couple gets along not as lone as before of course, of this province still want a province. For instance wife often grouses, she is taken to eat garden cafe to rotate before marriage dining-room, what eat after marriage is downstair tea dining-room however, ah. If having time at ordinary times, also can be hit play a ball game. I am learning shuttlecock with a coach recently, one hour 100 yuan, do not calculate petty gain really, outside moving to be liked besides oneself, at ordinary times intercourse dinner party also is very the canal uses. The house is bought two years ago, still offerring now. Buy a car as to respecting, also not be to be able to not afford, it is this defray does not calculate only little, often wanting to do not have this necessary again. I rambled repeatedly with wife last week a few cars go, after coming back, measured one time: Buy a car 10 much, expend plus oil, stop fare to wait a moment, at least wants 3000 multivariate. If buy a car, current life quality should drop at least a class, want or take a taxi calculated, save trouble be economical. Wear this Qian Liu to prospective child, now of dot foster charge but not low, teach cost to wait a moment plus future, it is the pay wages or salaries with huge brushstroke really. Read: The vivid   of negative Weng Sheng that the room has a car buys a car to buy a room to teach cannot little   character: ANN daughter, married   working hours: Position of 18 years of   : Income of month of   of manager of state-operated company branch: 7000 multivariate     NN graduates to work in this unit from the university, adjust besides the branch outside had not used a check basically. This is an old state-operated unit, benefit is OK still, yearly salary 100 thousand belong to in the unit medium slant the level that go up. See ANN live very happy life from appearance, there are a 90 rooms of smooth rice to change a room in downtown, income is good, the son already also went up middle school, but him ANN still has felt very tiredly. It is the pressure that comes from the job to go up above all. Every day workload great pressure need not say oneself greatly, this is the common fault of every white-collar, the state-operated enterprise orgnaization with located ANN is complex, personnel is numerous, a few years also daughter-in-law boils a mother-in-law to must come she can sit in existing position, say oneself are already close again 40, and company proclaimed in writing stipulates a lot of position females consider more than 45 years old no longer, the space that so upgrade takes can say to be done not have completely almost. Without this position income also will sell at a discount greatly, knowing to meet really to her in the future is how. The parents of ANN is outer the ground, have her only alone daughter, before some year of parents body is good, oneself live need not ANN worries about also go, but they are the old people of 70 years old of above now, because of,the mother was returned last year rescue of heart disease be in hospital, ANN spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else wants to receive parents all the time without art, but present house is apparent too crowded, ANN wants to buy those who cover double entry. But the son reads in the urban district, buy suburb disloyal time, buy the urban district, want million above entirely, even if what have this sells go out at best also pays quite head period, month for be being controlled 5000 yuan even, this is a too large expenses really. Say the son has read a middle school again, she leaves a pen to teach fund to the son even, listen to a person to say to read an university to want to spend many money now, if the son recalls a state in the future, she does not hope to affect the son's education because of domestic income. With age philtrum has a car in a lot of other peoples, though ANN goes to work to still calculate by the way, buy do not buy a car to concern not quite, but when every meet to holiday friend, see the friend is driving a car, her psychology or some are lopsided, but if raise a car,every month should be spent much closer 2000 yuan ah, this is a not small defray really to ANN, cannot fall to be determined to buy a car from beginning to end so. Alas, ANN always is sighing, before some year income is done not have so day of a long time seems to return relaxed dot, 1000 of a money new appear on the market the dress bites gnash one's teeth to also be bought, income is high now, how does standard of living seem to still drop? -- I buy the clothes now is to wait for the ability after convert into money to buy, did not buy new appear on the market! ANN comes to those who ended us interview with this word. Origin: Www.hexun.com
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