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The salary of 1500, let a graduate student weep
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In last few years college enlarge action already brought about graduate serious " devalue " . Face the pay of the first month after obtain employment, different graduate is having different state of mind.
Enter those who be like fire in August, college this year's graduates begins to get the first monthly pay after formal job in succession. Although be before this, already period of time lets them digest pair of sweated understanding, but when the majority in them is taking the first monthly wages, the mood of malcontent income current situation still is added suddenly. And want to find new job to income higher company also held the majority in them.

Suffer the effect that enlarge of last college of century end whole nation enrol, college graduate appeared a few this years leap forward type grows. Data shows: Graduate of countrywide average college was 1.45 million person 2002, to 2006, graduate number already rose nearly double, reached 4.13 million person.

The rate that college graduate increases nearly double 4 years smashed obtain employment market former some is balanced, the removes firewood to be controlled from 2000 yuan perch that the result with interactive finally market is college graduate the last few years slides 1000 yuan around.

Enter this year in August, the firewood that the graduate of this year's 2006 college that enters professional profession formally in Chengdu begins to receive the first month in succession prepares.

Case let her 1500 yuan one weep

Xiaohuang is Changchun the graduate student that some college Department of Chinese Language and Literature graduates this year. On August 3, she from the brushstroke pay that ever since one's birth got over there company finance affairs -- 1500 yuan. Although be opposite,the amount of this income is in early this year in May, when she and the company autograph that assume office now are made an appointment with, very clear already. But when she is gotten actually, that day in the evening she a person still cry bitterly.

"Read a graduate student to spend 3 years time, however a bit not be to one's profit, " Xiaohuang says: "If undergraduate course graduates to have a job at that time, taken income can be compared much now. The consideration is the graduate student that recommend later, do not pay the tuition fee, just read. But go up in income it seems that now or not not be to one's profit. But go up in income it seems that now or not not be to one's profit..

Xiaohuang expresses, her classmate has a job before 3 years when, average monthly pay is 2000 yuan are controlled, oneself read 3 years of graduate students now, spent the home again in tens of thousands of yuan, did not think of income to have a job than be being read in undergraduate course however a lot of lower.

"Besides income, still lost many opportunity cost. E.g. , house price broke up 3 this years almost time, if have a job to use the money Fu Shoufu in the home to mortgage 3 years ago,buy a house, should pay lesser than just be bought now a lot of. Should pay lesser than just be bought now a lot of..
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