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This article gives strong finish school we (exceed true)
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We entered this society eventually. Ended the career that is attended to by school teacher from now on, ended to make the day of parental good good-for-nothing or queer character, also end from the happy time that money takes over there parental elder brother.

We were moved from the home, carrying oneself half new not old travelling bag searched cannot again cheap broken house was hired come down, began to enter the life that swing.

Our eye was full of curiosity, flow in our blood dripping passion, our money places all-time however thin and small.

In face the first boss when the first batch of colleagues work the first times, we are in that way impassioned, we think we are omnipotent, we imagine the scope of operation that can make very quickly belong to his, we were full of confidence to future. The sth used to one's own advantage of little pride is found in the look that and the hope admires from others admires.

But gradually we just know, actually reality and oneself ideal is having great difference. We discovered a boss is how serpentine and acridity colleague is how ritzy and persnickety job is how as dry as a chip and bored, we also discovered chummage water and electricity enraged cost to die person anxious. The day that delivers fuel always is like Yao to cannot be reached, the thing in the shop ases if to just be furnished for others, we still discovered run to alma mater to ramble foolishly to just feel on the weekend only feel relieved, chat together with old schoolmate only amuse oneself ability is truly happy

Gradually we also become dark rise, burst out laughing for a very babyish jest no longer, croak with respect to chaos easily no longer, also tell the secret in the heart easily with others no longer. We also say to not be clear that this is to become after all still is dejected, look to the mirror, however that piece of face is new inside discovery terrible.

Gradually we appear big thorough was realized greatly, whats were seen through, everything entirely imaginary, next our what very indifferently, sit bus also not offer one's seat to sb, see thief steals a thing to also was disinclined to manage, take a place small want to also calculate fortunately, but we are anxious before coming off work everyday however what should dinner eat, in everybody there are oneself not to buy sheet when drinking tea together, in face before sleeping calculated the expenditure of this month calculate again.

Gradually we feel ourselves whats are actually, do not have a position without the name without money, height is too short also the skin is too black also features is too unsightly also, whats should see the family's look, go where to appear inferior to others, wish to cut take poison of hang oneself of arteries and veins to jump really sometimes building proper motion break.
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