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Be fed up with 80 hind you should regain consciousness
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Present youth, had a popular acting name---80 hind, for the moment, we are called young generation 80 hind.

Send this note, I did not look down on the 80 meanings after, but what I should say is: I am fed up with 80 hind.

Present 80 hind it is caress by every means in parents below, some can say is grow below parental coddle since childhood, be in at ordinary times in the life, besides study, they pay close attention to most, of pursuit is how vogue, avant-courier, individual character is liberated; Pursuit more it is popularity, modern with novelty, can say, they are the reality that also cannot do not have this ability to envisage a society, they more won't appreciate arrives parental hardships. Present 80 hind, like honorable, make public so called individual character: Redemptive dress, shoe, trousers is not broken, it is curious and eccentric, still call its fashionable individual character; Taking a mobile phone, stepping famous brand sneaker, mcdonald's of pass in and out, Kendeji; Go on the street, taking coke, listening to Xi to breath out music, stepping slide, pay cynical; Famous brand of assist red slave, Adidasi, Li Ning cans be found everywhere, vie become a common practice; The schoolgirl likes to wear condole to take vest, miniskirt; Male lane nods tattoo, very hot marcel, carry catch, pursuit is so called trendy, exciting, sex appeal; Big booth is wide numerous under cuddle cuddle is held in the arms, love early, live together, do you have male (female) friend? Became campus popularity word; Get online, chat, those who played show of love of BBS, Tan Lian, entertainment to become the life is all; Tan Lian loves to be just as entered big supermarket, it is a center with self-expression, pay selfish, conceit.

According to investigation, the economic source with the main charge in school undergraduate is parents, be in when parental parents year of income less than 20 thousand, some even lower, but parents still should get on an university to pay for you annual nearly 10 thousand yuan tuition, when nearly 10 thousand yuan maintenance, 80 hind people: You should think: When assuming the responsibility that fosters you and obligation for you when parents, you can does appreciate arrive do parental hardships?

Have a computer, in the dormitory in campus already not curious, but divide student major outside special requirement, the computer of major classmate just was used get online, play game, chat, bubble BBS. The dot opens each big BBS website, those who have a good swim to go up in each big website BBS is 80 hind, they often day and night, forget food and sleep, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave is on BBS, because this BBS is peek,80 have a youthful look put the best window of condition, spiritual outlook. But go up in BBS, they in order to keep a hand, treat a customer, bricky hand, fill water and often play Debuyile to breathe out, play extremely arrogant, proud old, always add the model of common of envy world anger, who to see who not pleasing to the eye, the country scolds incessant Yu Er, own standard a cut above others; They gain the attention that takes everybody with the caption of fresh stimulation, more terrible is this was become actually on BBS " custom " and vie each other.
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