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" two years that of the job after graduation " below
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Last the 4th chapter, wonderful years half - 3 my turns (go up)

After returning Hangzhou, my exhaustion got quickly alleviating, no matter be the body or psychology. Hit tooth hold a memorial ceremony for together with the old, sensory mind enlivened again rise. Did not leave how many money again really considering me, I must find the job at once. Not bad this is to be in Hangzhou, still have the territory under one's control that nods me quite I am done advocate feeling. I continue to send resume on the net, zhejiang talent net and Hangzhou talent net. Very fast, passed 3 days two only probably, a Motor Corporation asks me to go interview, position is sale assistant. The place that this company stays in from me is very close, the word that walk needs to be less than 10 minutes only. Went partly at 8 o'clock in the morning, arrived to look, not be ordinary air really. This is me among all companies that place interview passes, office environment is the the most luxurious, easiest. First floor is sale hall, those who stop is entrance car completely, include La Bo, farad the benefit, nimble when protecting and run quickly. 2 buildings are office place, integral cloth sets what make me cozily true to have the feeling that find everything new and fresh, besides have the supplies employee and client have a rest sofa area with very large area, still have actually stage (after taking a company later, the stage loves most with respect to what became me, coke everyday carouse does not have the limit ah) . Sheet is mixed with respect to the environment company whole actual strength, I must hit 120 minutes to this company, it is satisfactory only, make me be intoxicated simply.

Interview of human affairs manager I. Here should introduce next position that I apply for. Although be Motor Corporation, but the sale assistant that I apply for is mixed however sell a car to build not above. The boss of the company is very interested in the network, oneself are new established website of a car, including branch and group also is new establish before long. And the position that I apply for, it is subject the firm of a network that opens at the boss of this Motor Corporation, covering a word is a team two brands. I am having too strong guard mentality to network company, the phone that I do not hope I pursue network company again absolutely sells the work. Whether my accordingly blunt inquiry works is phone sale property, what human affairs manager replies is ambiguous, express to want to see specific arrangement of the branch, let me come home wait for second-round exam announcement. The phone is hit that day afternoon, let me go in the morning the following day second-round exam.

Second-round exam mine is a company deputy always - the wife of old boss, a very beautiful damsel. What I write down so that I wore that day is very optional, still wore top hat, and other those who attend the person of the second-round exam not to have one exception is to wear business suit, this appears I am very comical. The process of interview is very successful, my extremely fluent answer this beauty daughter deputy all total problems, language fast the fast compere that exceeded news broadcast. I am marketing of an occupational telephone member, my expressive ability is early in the job take exercise came out, as to the mood of nervous and so on, also be impossible to exist, look come out she is very satisfactory, everything OK. Downstage young lady takes me to do a test after the second-round exam, saying is a link that must research before employ, if notch under 60 minutes cannot employ. Actually this moment in my heart very hesitant, I or the place that do not fix this sale assistant still can be phone sale. And this company's easy environment lets me say absolutely hard again not. Such let me appear absent-minded when doing a test shilly-shally, and that lovely young lady criterion persistently, of try every means remind my answer, express finally, the accord that passes she and me tries hard, I achieved 60 minutes, by employ. Let me began to go to work December 15, probation salary 1050, after becoming a full member 1200. The consideration that after coming back, I relapse, still decided to go finally, at that time that place falls, I do not have how old choice, also continue to wait to go down without time. Accordingly, after returning Hangzhou, spent the time that is less than a week only, the 2nd my job so came down surely. A year after this half lis, I work here all the time, and was experienced a lot of labyrinthian. The destiny is wonderful, some things are destined it seems that it seems that.
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