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" two years that of the job after graduation " go up
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There is bit of time a little today, mood is quieter also, it is the good time of a start writing. I also had said besides to should write a story that about oneself the job experiences, nature can not break his promise. Before writing, agree 3: 1, purpose. I spend time to recollect and be recorded, have my objective necessarily. There is the same feeling after looking, we are OK a cry on each other's shoulder; Do not have sympathize, laugh away. 2, style of writing. I after all off hours is finite, spend overmuch time impossibly to decorate a statement, hope to be able to answer recall only at the outset the truest detail, give record. You be magnanimous enough to forgive or tolerate. 3, adscript. Normally adscript should carry again after the article is terminal. I am put in begin specification here. I am to cherish completely nowadays be thankful, the state of mind that appreciates a destiny, recall miserable past back and forth. Recall one's suffering and think over the source of present happiness.

The first chapter seeks the job brashly
From June 2004 the portion begins memory. If I was not misremembered, graduation rejoins should be in June, this period of time July arrives after rejoining, do not have everything. I began to seek the job in June namely. In fact, my a lot of classmates had sought the job early. And I am until hear after beginning all graduate to be allowed to be in school dormitory no longer in July, just begin alarmed. I have time of a month only, if cannot find the job, then big essentials began to roam about. And I still had considered this kind of case really at that time.

Insert a few specifications. What my university learns is electronic information project, in fact I learn be in a complete mess, muddleheaded still also knowing dynatron after all until graduate is what thing, have what effect. At that time my what do not go up heart, people runs outside every day when talent market sends resume, I still play game in the salon of the school, give evening early to return. Although my actual condition decided I am found far from possibly,accord with this professional job, I or confidence are full, my him consciousness is a talent, where to walk along to be able to the meal eats. At that time think me so really, so my pressing root is done not have apply for a job should return a responsibility.

Until when hearing or else fulfils the job to be about to be driven out of the school, I begin insecurity. Begin to make resume subsequently, run talent market sends resume. At that time I really " art tall person is audacious " , the very excited target that seeks me in congested talent market, if I feel,look pretty good only, not be unworthy of the post of diploma of my undergraduate course, I with respect to pitching a resume. Ask for instance English the foreign trade assistant of 4 class, or the post of and so on of assistant of such as manager. I feel assistant is the assistant of the manager all the time, namely preliminary service manager. I feel assistant very accord with me, yes, at that time is such.
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