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My do poineering work to begin from ground booth
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3 years ago, internet begins to anabiosis, be unable to bear loneliness, the test begins to do poineering work, began Internet pan, 1 year half hind, gold is done not have, have a plenty of one end debt.

Sold off a company all, I flee Shenzhen, poineering failure, but there is a technology on the hand, still can find a bowl of meal, a well-known software company of Chinese was entered after going to Shenzhen 20 days, the capital that returned me goes, did a programmer, pay 5500 yuan. Before long, allocated a branch, branch as it happens is him the company of poineering failure, also be oneself familiar place.

After poineering failure of a person passes, still have 2 times for certain, the 3rd, to the best of my belief this word, if do not have first time, also perhaps do not have all one's life, also won't have poineering opportunity.

Although be in a company to go to work, but that poineering heart did not stop to beat, sit when going to work on the bus everyday, look at business chance is searched on the ave.

One year that when do Internet actually is much, still be a success really, the fund that is at that time only is real too little, have 30 thousand money of trifling only, want to be able to find investment quickly originally, but still did not find investment finally, in the process that uses these 30 thousand fund, what I do the website is very successful, fame is done very greatly, can say the thing that 100 thousand money accomplish, I 30 thousand accomplished. Just lack investment, caused ultimate failure.

After failure, I was written very long very long summary, analysed the reason of a lot of failure, although still value Internet, value IT but I decide not to begin from IT.

My brains and IT elite can say to have difference, with their competition I am done not have any advantage, I decide to compete with the weak, surround a city from the country.

I am searched ceaselessly to discover the booth that make the land on the ave, see here everybody is very disappointed. Does the booth that make the land also make do poineering work? I answer that to also make do poineering work, see what person do, from Yu Wei the person of network elite does ground booth to also have his train of thought.

The time that the breakfast on the ave begins to manage is summer 4: 00-8: 30 the left and right sides, late in the winter a hour, decorate creditable restaurant not to compare the aunt earn more of street certainly, those who eat at most is fleshy clip steamed bun, next egg cake is waited a moment, I was arranged, write into specification, have the feeling of bit of break a butterfly on the wheel.

I still need more plans, I but still cannot do poineering work to do not have a plan in that way with first time network, try luck. I looked for an undergraduate, the undergraduate is really cheap also, a specialized subject is unripe, not be very normal the sort of, I use 600 fund, let him write an investigation to me, had been written, increase 400 yuan stake, I take out a map, arrive from the eastern side in the west, I let him search the place that those high-grade office building center quite, find by even suit to become the place with fastfood street, draw up circumjacent stream of people is measured, suit to do street breakfast grade to wait.
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