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New deceitful trick of to apply for a job - east the door is applied for write d
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Much at 2 o'clock afternoon bell, I received a telephone call, say they are such-and-such ad firms in the phone, want me to go interview, that company that they say I a bit impression is done not have, but the comparison that thinks oneself send resume on the net two days this is tall, perhaps be oneself are written down not clear.
Much at 3 o'clock Zhong Qu looks for the address that that company says: Grand connect old large building, asked 78 people do not know where to be. Fast at 4 o'clock, I am forced to call go to their company asking, tell them to say I am in luxuriant estate large building here, that person says the aide that calls him comes over to receive me. I listen " assistant " 2 words feel a bit incorrect interest, it is a bit better to say professional term should call assistant normally, cry " assistant " this word is like is to mix black on the road.
Not was in charge of it, that " assistant " came really, took me to wrap up a big circle, I myself am a road crazy, walk back and forth, still do not know to turn where really, that " assistant " there is ministry mobile phone in the hand, be in those who what press all the time, and gaze around. Go one Chen Zi, call me to wait a moment in a place next, take me to reach a place again next, call me to wait a moment again. Finally, took me to reach a person's very much place, "Assistant " begin to gaze around.
Suddenly a phone comes over, saying in the phone is " grandson manager (have before me had asked about their manager what to surname to that assistant, I am enough of essence of life) " , want interview namely my person, ask I came, I say, he asks assistant is in, I say to be in. The manager wants me to give him to the phone " assistant " listen, when I take the mobile phone to him, I closely follow him, and he picks up the telephone with respect to the edge the edge turns ceaselessly. I am done so, it is to worry not to take care to let assistant give my telephone call take away.
Look he is the opportunity that did not do it, if he runs directly, I believe him not dare, because that is to be in east the door, the person must want dead more. He is forced to return the telephone call to me, continue to take me to walk back and forth next, do not have an opportunity really, he takes me to reach a place, he says he is occupied, let me this waits for preexistence, waited a long time, do not see people. Knowing to be applied for today is to did not make fun of.
Although do not have the money that cheats me and my mobile phone, the fare that still cheated me to go to 5 yuan nevertheless again 3 yuan beverage is expended.
Relevant telephone number: 0755-81637249 (machine) 13480706582 (manager) 13670200448 (assistant)