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CEO plum Yan Hong teachs Baidu you do poineering work practical 7 big move
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Have keep in mind, everybody wants to do poineering work; Make money, everybody wants to become a boss. When undergraduate obtain employment is more and more difficult nowadays, more students begin to planning oneself do poineering work, when some of student is in even in campus, begin to make oneself career with classmate collaboration. In a lot of kid doing poineering work in the eye is a shortcut, can the current situation with bad obtain employment of undergraduate of steer clear of, reach the peak of the career quickly thereby, but the choice does poineering work likewise adumbrative move chose hardships, once begin,retreat with respect to very difficult get away.

The person that today's youth does poineering work is probable the successful entrepreneur that will be tomorrow, and however each person can not achieve want to achieve a success on poineering road, outside the element that a few oneself wait for besides perseverance in poineering process, should master poineering skill more, learn poineering method. We still see Li Yan grand instruct your this a few court.

The first action: Look ahead two years

In those days plum Yan Hong abandons in the United States hands-down doctoral cap, when doing poineering work difficultly, american IT bound most igneous is electronic business affairs. Countless people spelled old order to want to squeeze the network train that boards this to be valued, not hesitate even the industry that casts oneself to be familiar with.

Plum Yan Hong did not enter field of electronic business affairs with follow the general trend, however gumshoe arrived the network of make inquires of still rare person searchs a field. The tremendous effect that because he saw the search is potential to network world,produces.

Plum Yan Hong admonishs the youth of itch to try: Must have the eye that looks ahead two years. Follow suit, drive tide, what you eat is probable it is cold broil of incomplete a thick soup only.

The 2nd action: A few Nuo, cash more

-- , how long can be this project finished?

-- , 6 months.

-- , do 4 months go? Increase the pay of 50% to you.

-- , I am sorry, I am not done.

This is to be in plum at the beginning of Yan Hong does poineering work, mix dialog of a client. Later, this client tells him, to Li Yan grand refuse, he feels special satisfaction, because this mirrors a Li Yan grand be very true with sedate person, such his products can have certainly on quality assure.

The 3rd action: Money lends when needing money

In poineering process, money takes the world, having money to be able to not move a step is the truth of indisputable. In American Silicon Valley, because had venture capital investment,have a company everyday and cut into a mountain establishs a group, because,also have a company everyday impoverished and close down. Plum Yan Hong thinks, must seek investment to investor when needing money.
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