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The first on poineering road 2000 yuan!
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The first on poineering road 2000 yuan!


What do 2000 yuan mean? Uncomely dress buys one lot, pretty dress insufficient. Can send father one goes up the PHILIPS razor of class, receive mom some of day comes in the city, accompany her to ramble together the supermarket shops, the experience issues modern urbanism. Perhaps add bit of money to be able to give the little brother that reads network project in the university to distribute station computer again. Also or it is to be able to give a girlfriend to buy a ring, necklace, or watch...

This is I do poineering work the profit that first time tentacle can reach since 5 months, brush a shoulder to it again however and pass.

The university has not graduated, I depended on more outstanding English and computer capacity to find a job early for oneself. Foreign trade business is done in company of an aluminous estate, hold receipt processing and daily routine concurrently. Compare with my classmates, I am very lucky, not only the job had search fall, and still with professional be geared to the needs of the job (what I read in the university is international trade major) . A lot of classmate is envied extremely, I also waved accordingly.

But I in one's heart is not law-abiding, working after 3 months, inside the heart crawly, carrying plan of boss secret ground on the back to wear my poineering plan. Be in eventually 2006 on November 4, namely 24 years old of my birthday submitted resignation to the boss that day. Abandoned having to my regard highly fine boss, abandoned me " auspicious future " , began my endure all kinds of hardships do poineering work itinerary.

Successive 5 months did not clinch a deal one only business, how " hard " 2 words Oh? I still am a student that just moves toward a society! Enormous pressure makes me suffocative come. I once disease is gotten bedfast, I once was depressed so that be about to cry without the tear, I once was holding cummer in the arms to weep bitterly helplessly. I once also had suspected my choice, had wanted to want to abandon. But of the friend's support, family expect and the tough disposition that I am accumulated for years helps me hold to all the time today.

Be in some time ago, I received brushstroke to come from the ask sheet of Shandong client eventually, was more successful ground to clinch a deal. Client entire section arrives account 17500 yuan. Calculate come this brushstroke comes down I am OK net 2000. Do not calculate really much, but I am very contented. Should make help money, ah, make help because,money is not my materially suffer hunger and cold, a huge is to me on spirit however invigorate. The person that has done not have poineering experience is to won't experience me at that time of the mood of be overjoyed! Can be mad with joy in me when, the supplier changes a mind suddenly, say that price is too low, cannot give me. Be a thunder from the clear sky really! I calculate roughly, with the value that decides newly, I want to the quantity of the client that offer money fully little 150 kilograms ah. Above the profit that I begin to be in 2000 yuan and sincere letter problem revolve. The goods that does not know to have the amount that thinks the irresponsibly will be insufficient a few times sends the past to the client, shift responsibility to the supplier next. However a few wake up to and avoid danger at the last moment. Final I still return the money to the client, not only without gain money, instead compensate 50 yuan bank remittance fee. Consider true loss! But rise momently then from what I go Qian Hui, my as if relieved of a heavy load, those who did not have conscience to go up is self-condemned, if capture a new life.
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