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Company interview asks 20 undergraduates cadge in the street
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For the communication ability of test applicant, a company rises organization of applicant of more than 20 undergraduate unexpectedly, to the panhandle on the ave, and the regulation can demand 1 yuan of money only every time, denounce 3 yuan of money to calculate qualification. 12 days afternoon, the reporter in market of Hong Shan region an one act that saw your person is strange on the footpath around.
The undergraduate cadges, the pedestrian is half believing and half doubting
"Disturb, can you give me a yuan of money? Need a yuan only. "One young boy blocks a pair of middleaged husband and wife to say. "Without, without, you dry what is this. "Confront middleaged husband and wife of one face impatient, the boy did not abandon, before be being overtaken twice, go explaining, "Our company is in test the communication ability of we and other, help please. Help please..
Final and middleaged woman makes 1 yuan of money in boy hand, the boy said sound is thanked, one bowed. But middleaged husband and wife two walked along about 10 Mi Yuan hind to stop footstep, the station still watched half of the day half believing and half doubtingly in place.
The boy that wants money professes to surname Liu, it is the student of around some college, he is pointing to the 20 many men and womens that other Xiang Lu's person wants money on footpath to say, they are the students that apply for job of sales promotion of some trade company, the company asks they need to want 3 yuan of money to passerby inside a hour each, can want 1 yuan only every time, with test their ego breaks through ability.
Reporter observation, every should reach students a yuan of money, meeting general money is handed in in hand of nearby one middleaged man, middleaged man can find the name with correspondence on the jotter in the hand, delimit on one is ticked off.
Invite applications for a job square: Cadging is psychological breakthrough
Organize this " to cadge chief trade company Mr Yuan of " of invite applications for a job says, the person that organize interview today wants money to passerby to the ave, it is they groom the psychology in the process breaks through level. Mr Yuan thinks, the sale is a special industry, when having sales promotion to stranger, should hit out actively let other believe. The person that organize interview wants money to passerby, it is a kind of method of test communication ability and ego psychology breakthrough only.
Via statistical check the amount, many 20 interview person a hour is denounced in all come to 86 yuan, mr Yuan expresses, they can make these money beneficent orgnaization.
The citizen has honour have demote
A citizen of pass by thinks, this kind cadge in the street groom way is right the people suffers a kind of challenge of ability, he is oppugned, go into the street cadge expressed to have communication capacity? Is that profession beggar best bagman?
Surround the one dad of view to say, if not be,come with this kind of means kite, the means of assessment is very novel.
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