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Share the experience of invite applications for a job of 5 years of HR and inter
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Do HR full-time invite applications for a job to also have several years, feel this topic is hotter and hotter recently, because this also opens one post, talk about the problem of interview of some of concerned invite applications for a job from the angle of HR, the ability that also exhausts oneself gives the edition that has this respect need friend people some proposal, answer everybody's question, cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, with everybody communication.

The first problem, your part in interview
Invite applications for a job just is mixed applying for just is a pair of contradiction from beginning to end, this without doubt, but is this both is why cooperative relation? Just think has the which does not hope to allow quickly so that give his again again company that becomes invite applications for a job to find appropriate person selected, which applicant does not hope to you can obtain working opportunity to finish him profession career through interview as soon as possible again again Where is leap forward? So, serve as applicant us must not from the contrary that feels HR is to stand in you at the beginning, if your station became wrong team, your interview also basically ended. Because you will be exhausted,can get go to what evasive oneself exists, the problem that you think to may be affected somewhat to the job, is not show oneself ability come out, so the mainest in interview job is expression, is not evasive (To Show Not To Cover! )
Great majority applicant can prepare before interview, see experience of a lot of interview, I also look (HR is not foolish also, consider how the other side can cope with interview of course, breathe out ah) . It is very important to there is in these alleged face classicses is the demerit that wants you to make up for your, actually this is a very big error. E.g. , the working experience that a lot of this year's graduateses of my interview follow my him prate, type in which even duplicate inn has hit a word to say so that resemble a project management project; Conversely, technical secondary schools of those three-year institution of higher learning graduate, work 3 years two, interview likes to say he takes an examination of undergraduate course oneself from beginning to end reading, night is in greatly on, be about very quickly to take diploma of ** university ** ... actually, these basically are useless result, want, why does the company let you come interview? If I need,one has working experience, saw the resume of your this year's graduates, do I want you to come what does interview do? I should look for a record of formal schooling tall, this year, undergraduate students Master is born to fly all over the sky, I make an appointment with you to come interview is my time does not have a place more to dismiss for certain then!
So, the most important in interview is the advantage that behaves you, is not the weakness that offsets you, because the company servantchooses a person for a job, the good qualities that servantchooses a person for a job only, not be to look for 3 good students, not be all actors or actress the scholar calculates a talent!
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