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The 10 big successful unexpected tricky move on interview field
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The 10 big successful unexpected tricky move on examination hall

When interview of to apply for a job, to promote ego successfully, the speaking strategy of examinee and eloquence are a crucial factor. Instruct you a few court, might as well try.

The first action: the mouth that tightens oneself, think carefully to answer after that.

On interview field, a when take an examination of officials to often be used basic strategy makes examinee much speak as far as possible namely, the purpose depends on understanding a few examinee to do not have reflective circumstance in written material more. The person that have a to apply for a job is when interview, should take an examination of an official to ask " you have what drawback " when, his good by precondition answer made a reply. But he looks there is utter sth after taking an examination of an official to listen, thinking is he answer badly, be afraid of awkward silence at an occasion again, explained a weakness again then. But take an examination of an official to listen to wear or do not talk silently all the time, such, to apply for a job person another ground was told many, and did not pass through premeditate. Common saying says: "Character is broken surely more " . So respondent it is unwise, what its are in an unfavorable situation as a result often is him examinee.

You must notice a mouth that tightens your when interview, if thought to had replied, do not want retell. The strategy that had better not speak more to ego is promoted and try to use comes seek makes invite applications for a job square understand his more inside shorter time, this kind of means is told to most person and cannot take in fact. Should tell tell, ought not to tell should tell more anything but, should not adopt the measure that hits out actively more, lest ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, make trouble out of nothing.

The 2nd action: Leave the room of full advance and retreat, random and meet an emergency.

Among interview, try to elaborate to those need from a few respects, or " decoy " the problem of type, examinee should notice to apply flexible language to convey skill, do not say the word dead at the beginning. Otherwise, very easy oneself park awkwardness condition or be immersed in " decoy " in.

Should take an examination of an official to put forward " ... , do you think to a few points should grasp? " when the problem of and so on, your respondent and best such begin: "I think this problem should be captured the following ' a few ' point. " use here " a few " and need not have the number of body " 3 " , " 4 " or " 5 " answer back and forth, give oneself obligate the space of agile play, the edge can think to abound by the side of edge answer. Conversely, if the word is told dead, once appear get stuck, with respect to can flurried, insecurity, originally completely OK and respondent problem also answers bad.
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