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Communicate with boss necessary 8 gold sentence pattern
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1, sentence pattern: We encounter a few situations it seems that

Beauty: With most the means of graceful and restrained delivers a bad news. If rush immediately,report in the office of boss this bad news, calculate the thing that does not do you, also can let boss oppugn you to handle the ability of the crisis only. Right now, what you should not take a mood to rise and fall is tonetic, unhurried ground speaks this sentence pattern.

2, sentence pattern: I am handled immediately.
Beauty: The there is no shirking the responsibility when boss subpoena is sober, make such reply quickly, can make boss thinks you are a businesslike good affiliated to a ministry instinctively; Contrary, indecisive manner can be offended so that responsibility is unhappy with respect to onerous boss originally only.

3, sentence pattern: An Qi's idea is really good.

Beauty: Those who showed group spirit An Qi to think up an edge boss to admire is excellent good plan, you wish your brains is moved more quickly than the family; Spin with its facial aperture, secretly accurate, be inferior to touching his light secretly, can let boss feel you are full of group spirit, wait for additionally soon consequently.

4, sentence pattern: This report is no good without you!
Beauty: Persuade a colleague to help have an intractable job, you cannot be finished independently, how does mouth ability let that work with this respect most does the ground of colleague be most willing to of expert aid your a helping hand? Send tall cap, fill confuses soup, and that people good intention person is in to do not lose his the fame of this respect, connect regular meeting to promise your request.

5, sentence pattern: Let me think seriously again, had replied to you before 3 o'clock?

Beauty: The thing boss that you do not know clever dodge asked you a certain question that concerns with business, and you do not know how to should reply, never do not know in order to say. This sentence pattern sees danger for you temporarily not only, also let boss think to be in this thing above very attentively. Nevertheless, after the event can be gotten do sufficient homework, hand over your answer on time.

6, sentence pattern: I want to know your view to some thing very much

Clever outside: The flattery of appropriate you and high-level VIP coexist one room, this is a superexcellent opportunity that allows you to be able to gain favour. But say what is good? Right now, the most appropriate not cross to be concerned with company foreground, and thought-provoking topic. When he recounts a result glibly, you not only benefit good people is much, also can let him be looked at with new eyes to your curious and aspirant heart.

7, sentence pattern: It is me temporarily oversight, nevertheless fortunately...
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