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12 big features of cheater company
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The little caution of resume is cast to get on the net according to me, baconian the main feature that summed up cheater company:

1, without network address, or the network address of be unworthy of the name or the title, we cannot know such company, how that works for him, the watch goes! Remembered oneself joining a what trade company once, think, still be in on 51job now namely every day the Yang Xu trade of invite applications for a job, go interview, ask them company what condition, produce what product, saying is to must want to just can say when groom, lean, is there's no one who doesn't or isn't what to espionage do?

2, the introduction is very short, be in urgent crash long stage with our company mostly, need large quantities of person of outstanding ability especially, it is to do not have network address likewise, can understand without other data, do not go.

3, do not have a requirement almost to record of formal schooling, English, computer, what furnishs that certificate namely, so do you say ignored talent to you still can go?

4, interview is compared mostly short, it is with special appreciation your mouth is enraged mostly, of course this does not eliminate your itself really very outstanding, inform you go grooming very quickly, should not go apparently very much!

5, the likelihood is met in the phone boasting to you this works is how make money, that so called manager can boast to you the experience of herself: I come to a company just 3 months, salary is a month now 15000 better even, I lean, this also can believe, have such salary, it is manager level figure still won't recruit a few people to call more, him have to spends kongfu to ask you to believe personally, let you get rich? Do not go!

6, normally only interview, without the second-round exam, do not go!

7, either I have what bias to cosmetic industry, but most cheater is in this industry, this course of study on TV looks more, of course yourself must be done pass sell except.

8, also not be I have what bias to trade company, but mass cheater course of study is this one appearance in bunco.

9, cheater company is much the rattletrap business affairs building that in dweller building perhaps dot slants quite, just think if are you so arrogant what a fair amount of confidence to still place in dweller building?

10, cheater company mostly equipment is simple, OK even so say to connect a computer to cannot be found, most circumstance is go in you interview when, can see 7~10 piece medley the desk that come out, every office desktop is what to the model has kind is sitting an Interviewer, let you look seem occasion very hot, lean, did not go stoutly!

11, of course, we often also can receive the telephone call that draws insurance, although did not send their resume. This I feel or depended, do not publish a comment.
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