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Mention a few advice to the brotherly sisters of probation
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Combine me to be opposite beside the experience of the friend that carries out circumstance and oneself, think to using the everybody during the friend offers the following advice:
1. Want to have a good state of mind during try out, take probation seriously the significant position in our profession limit. Understand what we work to probation is only then hair dot.

2. Work hard, obtain certain result in probation. During try out, boss of a lot of companies rearward or on the side the effort that looks at you and outstanding achievement. Although oneself are a new personality, but want oneself only already with one one's heart endeavored, I think every boss is to be able to like such person.

3. Abide the each regulations system of the company strictly, must not feel individual to old stuff can be late on the body that leave early also can produce in you.

A lot of new personality feel old when to employee has, be late, what doesn't the boss say. You are late, boss or your boss call-overs to you attention. The likelihood in your heart is ill-affected, the likelihood feels to subdue. I tell you, you do not feel ill-affected, also do not feel to subdue. The contribution that because old stuff is in the company,makes already prep above your N times. If you want to change such condition, so you are older than old stuff. Create more value.

4. Learn the relation of processing and boss, colleague, report more to boss, communicate more to working in the same place. Do not want the individual kind and enmity of intervening company, but should maintain a friendly relationship with each person.

The company is an organization actually, an organization. Inside this organization, what person can have. You like, have what with you disposition accords with quite, also more rearward speaks ill of you, but no matter anybody just jackarooes inside the company, should learn to communicate the problem, colleague that how follows oneself to communicate with boss between probation. Do not enter the small group of the company. Otherwise, probable meeting involves the increase of the company. Finally, oneself can be beaten dead when target by others.

5. Proper the earth's surface shows him, both neither just should be immersed oneself in blindly hardworking, also do not want too cross an ability.

The society is in a company proper project oneself, do not immerse oneself in hardworking, immerse oneself in hardworking person I am not deprecatory, because working professional work is busy,be some moment bosses only invisible. To oneself character has certain loss.

6. New personality is about to have the attitude of new personality, nimble, serve for everybody hard, leave next good impression to everybody.

New the person that joins a company, should learn an eye bright, hands or feet is deft, much serve for everybody. Of course, premise is him own job is better after finishing. Such meetings feel to everybody you are assiduous, of effort, the newlywed person that has the urge for improvement. And old stuff also can like to take you slowly.
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