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Undergraduate " hotel of to apply for a job " the ideal in and reality
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Nonlocal undergraduate is experienced for the first time in this small hotel live pressure, everyday somebody confidence comes completely, also have a loser silent move leaves

On March 24, in farming the invite applications for a job that exhibit a house turned on the meeting circuit, liu Yue and king laurel leave cloudily, this pair of computer science departments that come from Hunan 06 graduate, take an examination of after grind and taking an examination of officeholder in pairs to suffer a defeat, accompany applies for a job to Beijing.

On March 24, 2007, farming exhibit house invite applications for a job to be able to go up, ding Yuanyuan looks at unit of invite applications for a job to hitting yawn at the same time at the same time. Keep rushing about in half month at all sorts of invite applications for a job meeting knead dough tries an unit, already made her very tired out.

On March 23, hotel of to apply for a job recieves a sitting room, he Bin is getting online cast apply for resume. The He Bin that famous brand university graduates once was learning school spirit light temporarily, the process of to apply for a job that can be in Beijing however very not successful.

Late on March 23, master Li Guibao goes to hotel schoolboy dormitory visit. He can go to a dormitory turn everyday, see everybody what needs the place of the help.

Late on March 23, he Bin lies on the bed to leaf through data of invite applications for a job, another roommate is examining a map. Invite applications for a job is met the spot distributings in different place, seeing a map be familiar with road condition is ” of their “ obligatory course.

800 yuan of money a month, it is the most expensive bed in ” of hotel of this “ to apply for a job.

The Spring Festival just passed, this bed was hired to fall by a beautiful girl. The master Li Guibao of hotel still remembers the appearance when this girl that is called Ding Yuanyuan just came, there is the red jacket of ONLY when “ just came, come out rarely in oneself room everyday, say even if Bao Jie, new east, associate these big companies. ”

Li Guibao is the classy unripe ” with “ experience not dark world to her judgement. Since opened this to recieve an other place technically to come to Beijing the small hotel of undergraduate of to apply for a job, li Guibao looks at the undergraduate occupy with these full confidence to come everyday, also look at them to rush about in this new city everyday, wander, finally, only fraction person can stay in them, and major person can leave silently.
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