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Changchun preferential employment of college graduates more entrepreneurial
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Changchun City to promote the employment of college graduates, "Hundred Days crucial" action has been commenced in the city vigorously. Concern for many college graduates at all levels of government and relevant departments and provide them with all the preferential policies and service initiatives, and yesterday, this reporter invited personnel director of the Center of Changchun City, Zhang Baoshan, introduced and interpretation of national, provincial and municipal college students entrepreneurship, employment-related policies and regulations to guide the scientific business of college graduates, employment.

On the current employment of college graduates with more than 3 SMEs and private enterprises, meet the requirements, financial arrangements at all levels of funding to support SME development can be to their tilted, when the employment of college graduates more than 8 or more, may be appropriate to enhance the support the amount of funds.

Labor-intensive small enterprises registered as unemployed in the year to attract college graduates of registered unemployed persons reached 30% of the total number of active employees (100 or more 15%) or more, to enjoy the employment and reemployment can be provided for small loans to support, the maximum amount of 4 million yuan.

SMEs and private enterprises to employ college graduates that year the number reached 20% of the total number of active employees (100 or more 10%) or more, and with the employment contract entered into more than one year, two years free of class registration, management and license category administrative fees.

Who voluntarily to the non-public economic organizations of employment of college graduates, not household, specialty, graduate institutions and other constraints, the implementation of barrier-free employment. In job classification, rights protection, etc. with the state-owned enterprises enjoy the same treatment of similar persons.

Management of unemployed college graduates on

College graduates each year a certain proportion of staff did not have a job, then for this part of the crowd, how about the management of city regulations? According to Zhang Baoshan, director's introduction, "Changchun City, the registration of unemployed college graduates Interim Measures," in which some provisions.

◆ registered unemployed college graduates can enjoy all levels of government human resources and social security departments and their personnel services provide the following services:

Unemployed people to enjoy the city on flexible employment, various preferential policies to support entrepreneurship.

Participate in the municipal department of human resources and social security organizations of all kinds of skills training and employment entrepreneurship training, access to government subsidies and identification of the training given to subsidies.

Municipal human resources and social security departments agencies the arrangements for unemployed college graduates job attachment, and can enjoy some of the student government issued a living allowance, and for personal accident insurance.

College graduates from poor families and key recommendations in employment and jobs in the Government's welfare a priority placement.

City, district human resources and social security departments are not affiliated agencies to provide free employment of college graduates job registration, job information, jobs, employment guidance, 3 years of free care personnel records (graduates from poor families free care 4 years) and other employment services.

Own businesses to participate in social insurance, college graduates, mutatis mutandis, to enjoy the flexible employment of not more than 3 years of social insurance benefits.

Start on college graduates

◆ 3 years to lead the 450,000 college students realize their business

Yesterday, Changchun, Zhang Baoshan, director of Talent in an interview that the Department in person "to lead the program on the implementation of the notification business students", the proposed three-year business plan to lead the students - that is, 2010-2012, 3 years lead the 450,000 college students realize their business. Among them, no less than 10 million people in 2010, less than 15 million people in 2011, 2012, less than 20 million people.

The notice also stipulates that students meet the required conditions of business, registered capital can enjoy concessions, small loans, tax relief and other policies. Encourage and support college graduates engaged in entrepreneurial start-shop practice, provide business counseling and facilities. Multiple channels with relevant departments to establish a positive start special support fund.

Students venture to establish libraries, display and promote entrepreneurial projects organized to guide activities; actively with the education sector and institutions of higher learning for college students to provide business guidance services, guidance and entrepreneurship education to business, entrepreneurship training (training) closely; established Students improve business mentor system, organized a group of socially responsible entrepreneurs and business professionals to mentor students formed groups, voluntary groups, and other experts.

Pioneer Park to establish a group of students for college students to provide low-cost production business premises and business incubator services; will start training, business incubation, entrepreneurship combined with guidance, detailed, standardized service processes, the establishment of a full range of business students at different stages , step type of business incubator service system; developed business park college students rent subsidies, operating subsidies venue.

◆ 50 million or less enterprises waiver fees and charges within 3 years

In addition, the "People's Government of Jilin Province, to promote employment of college graduates on a number of policy" for their own businesses and self-employed college graduates also have a policy of encouragement.

Graduated within two years of university graduates engaged in individual businesses, in addition to state restrictions on the industry, the administrative department for industry and commerce registration of 3 years from the date of exemption from the registration category, management and administrative fees and license, according to the provisions enjoy tax concessions.

College graduates find jobs or own businesses, employment difficulties, mutatis mutandis, to enjoy the flexibility of not more than 3 years of social insurance subsidies; right to participate in entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training can be provided for granting subsidies.

College graduates founded the main business income of less than 50 million small businesses, and suspension of 3 years free of charges, and in accordance with company paid a certain percentage of local tax subsidies, the maximum amount of subsidies to two million.

Public employment service institutions at the local registration of unemployed college graduates, their own businesses, lack of self-employment self-financing may be directed to human resources and social security department for less than 5 million small loans, partnership or organized for business , and may be appropriate to expand the size of loans, the required low-profit projects can enjoy the discount support.

On the employment of college graduates

In the "People's Government of Jilin Province, to promote employment of college graduates on a number of policy" for small and medium enterprises and private enterprises to absorb the employment of college graduates also have a policy to encourage.