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Gao Fei
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Full name: Gao Fei sexual distinction: Female give unripe date: 1988-3-22 Id date: 220183198803225662 height: 160 Cm weight: 42 Kg registered permanent residence: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City 8 the Changchun City occupy a dwelling place: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City 8 south marital status involving an area: Maiden and healthy state: Language of outstanding foreign language: Level of English foreign language: Outstanding computer capacity: Outstanding and existing title: Without title work fixed number of year: 0 years of nations: Assessment of ego of the Han nationality is hopeful and optimistic, do not fear pain, assiduous and academic, like to study, have deep love for the life. Type of job of intent of to apply for a job: Full-time expectation place: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City 8 the Changchun City
Expectation position: Website / development of electronic business affairs
The electron checks an engineer
Electronic technician
Computer operator / typist / civil member / proofread
Article secret / advanced article member
Expectation industry: Electronic technology
Education / groom
Advisory course of study
Expectation monthly pay: 1500-1999 yuan at present monthly pay: The face discusses school of educational setting graduate: Institute of Changchun profession technology is highest record of formal schooling: Category of major of three-year institution of higher learning: Professional title: Authenticator of electronic business affairs: Zhao Tianyan teachs background: Business affairs of electron of institute of technology of 2006——2009 Changchun profession fastens outstanding member
The first middle school of city of 2003——2006 heart benefit
The 8th middle school of city of 2000——2003 heart benefit works ability and knowledge of special skill major are good, and the major as a result of me, myself has computer, total at ordinary times contact also prefers research electron product. I ever held a post in student union and class, administrative ability is outstanding. Connection means connects a telephone call: Mobile phone number: Number of 13154306913 notify sb of a phone call: Instant communication: Electronic mailbox: Coffees55@163.com individual homepage: Zip code: 0 communication address:

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