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Lang Yongming
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Full name: Lang Yongming sexual distinction: Male give unripe date: 1985-9-29 Id date: Confidential height: 170 Cm weight: 55 Kg registered permanent residence: Jilin visits 8 Jilin town district of 8 prosperous city occupies a dwelling place: Jilin visits 8 prosperous city areas of 8 Jilin city marital status: Maiden and healthy state: Language of good foreign language: Level of English foreign language: Good computer capacity: Good and existing title: Working fixed number of year: 0 years of nations: In the study life that full ego evaluates an university 4 years, fostered me to be opposite the life, right study active and active manner, nurturance intention has done the quality and style of each thing. I am not one is tasted learn to hold the student with consummate actor concurrently, but in young season, I am willing bear hardships be put into trouble, realize oneself value and the largest contribution is made in the job. Type of job of intent of to apply for a job: Full-time expectation place: Jiangsu visits 8 Suzhou town of 8 Suzhou city
Expectation position: Electric power procrastinates move with automata technology personnel
Electric power is electric engineer / technician
Expectation industry: Electronic technology
Treatment / make (industrial automation, equipment, component)
Chemical industry / the sources of energy
Expectation monthly pay: 2000-2999 yuan at present monthly pay: School of graduate of confidential education setting: Boreal China university is top record of formal schooling: Category of undergraduate course major: Professional title: Automation authenticator: Educational setting: Came in September 2005 automation of boreal China university is professional in July 2009
" PLC application technology " " imitate electron " " digital electron " " electric machinery and procrastinate use a base " " electric power procrastinates use automation system " " electric power electron exchanges a technology " " circuit theory " " odd a machine principle and application " " industrial procedure is controlled
Order and degree of computer of 2008/09 whole nation 2 class
2006/04 electrician is basic skill is high certificate / 3 class groom experience came in September 2008 in October 2008 PLC of institute of automation of boreal China university
Build receive stop since electric machinery, positive and negative turns, the in-house circuit that Y-Δ starts, rely on PLC instruction to replace inner the working to make circuit again, came true to was based on PLC to the principle will control electromotor and master ohmic dragon process designing implement use basically, in the control of skill of train of thought of design of commonly used process designing the respect gets take exercise and starting work of ability rise.
Came in July 2008 lab of boreal China university is odd in July 2008 a machine is integrated the design jackarooes
6 intelligence are grabbed answer implement design, use chip 89C52, MAX232 uses sheet piece function of software of implementation of machine process designing, use Protel to devise circuit plan, oneself start work solder circuit board, realize 6 intelligence finally to grab answer implement function.
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