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Liu Bin
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Full name: Liu Bin sexual distinction: Male give unripe date: 1985-9-30 Id date: 220581198509293516 height: 171 Cm weight: 65 Kg registered permanent residence: Jilin saves 8 Jilin town of 8 Jilin city to occupy a dwelling place: Jilin visits 8 Jilin town of 8 Jilin city marital status: Maiden and healthy state: Language of outstanding foreign language: Level of English foreign language: Good computer capacity: Perfectness and existing title: Intermediate job fixed number of year: 0 years of nations: Chinese ego evaluates disposition: Face the life with active state of mind, extroversion, plain, have the urge for improvement, hopeful thought;
Hobby: Pay close attention to real time politics, history of China of be fond of, to electric industry times be interested. Type of job of intent of to apply for a job: Full-time expectation place: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City 8 the Changchun City
Expectation position: Electric power is electric engineer / technician
Electric power procrastinates move with automata technology personnel
Expectation industry: Electronic technology
Treatment / make (industrial automation, equipment, component)
Expectation monthly pay: The face discusses at present monthly pay: School of graduate of confidential education setting: Boreal China university is top record of formal schooling: Category of undergraduate course major: Professional title: Automation authenticator: Educational setting: Already obtained qualificatory letter:
The computer (C language) 2 class certificate, autocad plot division, intermediate and electrical engineering card grooms experience metalworking of factory of school office of boreal China university jackarooed in April 2006
Project of boreal China university trained practice of central electron technology in April 2007
The electron designed automation technology in December 2007 (EDA) software application, production jackarooes
Odd in June 2008 a machine course exercitation, MATLAB course jackarooes
Electric machinery of Plc application exercitation procrastinated in October 2008 use control system field trip

Working ability and special skill university mastered 4 years electric, electron, automation this professional basic and academic knowledge, sufficient theory contacts practice in the exercitation.
The individual quality with good nurturance and moral character, often pay close attention to electric, automation this professional pertinent information.
Professional target: Strive for the job in future enterprising goes all out in work to be accomplished somewhat on post. Connection means connects a telephone call: Number of 13704313107 mobile phones: Number of 13704313107 notify sb of a phone call: Instant communication: Electronic mailbox: Yingwushi2005@163.com individual homepage: Zip code: 0 communication address: Jilin saves Jilin city north

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