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Liu Xing
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Full name: Liu Xing sexual distinction: Male give unripe date: 1985-3-9 Id date: Confidential height: 175 Cm weight: 70 Kg registered permanent residence: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City 8 the Changchun City occupy a dwelling place: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City marital status of 8 the Changchun City: Maiden and healthy state: Language of outstanding foreign language: Level of English foreign language: General computer capacity: Good and existing title: Without title work fixed number of year: 0 years of nations: Chinese the challenge ego with the campus career that ego evaluates 4 years and social practice ceaseless life, enrich ego. Lay next firm foundations to realize the value of life. Be in as me the student's foster cordial relations between countries this professional knowledge while also pay attention to practice. Just graduate, those who lack working experience is my inadequacy, but I am having full enthusiasm and the attitude that are in charge of seriously to the job. The opportunity of a collaboration comes to me is saying is good germinant, I am willing to put individual value in group work to carry out! Type of job of intent of to apply for a job: Full-time expectation place: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City 8 the Changchun City
Expectation position: Plan / attemper / harmonious management
Manage / manufacturing management kind
Administrative assistant director / administrative secretary / assistant
Manpower resource director / director
Article secret / advanced article member
Expectation industry: Law
Blame gain orgnaization / government
Agriculture / fishery / forestry
Finance (bank, venture fund)
Expectation monthly pay: The face discusses at present monthly pay: The face discusses school of educational setting graduate: Shandong work business school is top record of formal schooling: Category of undergraduate course major: Professional title: Law international economy and commerce authenticator: Dong Yan teachs background: Came in September 2001 division of northeast of the Changchun City is old in July 2004 attached middle school
Came in September 2004 fellowship of law of Shandong work business school groomed in July 2008 experience ever was 2007 south the Changchun City courtyard of examination involving an area jackarooes,
Working experience reachs him special skill without working ability be apt to grows administration job, strong to working responsibility heart, diligent and conscientious is dependable, have stronger constituent capacity, pay attention to collective idea stronger! Connection means connects a telephone call: Number of 043185515811 mobile phones: Number of 15948795955 notify sb of a phone call: Instant communication: Electronic mailbox: Liuxing1827@sohu.com individual homepage: Zip code: 0 communication address:

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