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Jiang Yongliang
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Full name: Ginger always shines
  • Sexual distinction: Male
  • Give unripe date: 1986-2-25
  • Id date: Keep secret
  • Height: Cm
  • Weight: Kg
  • Registered permanent residence: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City 8 green garden areas
  • Occupy a dwelling place: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City 8 green garden areas
  • Marital status: Maiden
  • Healthy state:
  • Foreign language language: English
  • Foreign language level: Commonly
  • Computer capacity: Commonly
  • Have a title:
  • Working fixed number of year: 0 years
  • Nation:
  • Ego evaluation

    • Respectable unit is led
      Hello! I call Jiang Yongliang, I am colleger of Changchun city building. At choose course of study during, I cherish the heart of an absolute sincerity and the clinging pursuit that work to education, recommend oneself sincerely to you.
      University in 4 years, I always ask strictly according to the school example that learns long oneself frequently oneself, go exercising development ego with standard of ” of wide major, large base, strong capability, high quality. On study, I try hard assiduously, every section grade achieves admirable above, high-rise of lofty or bottomless makes the same score a ” , pass hard, I passed countrywide mandarin exam smoothly; The knowledge of each respect, face of ceaseless augment knowledge. I am in the energetic period in life, after and be determined working more strict him requirement, do an outstanding stuff. The result that in working, has obtained what I can go all lengths

    Intent of to apply for a job

    • Working type: Hold two or more posts concurrently
    • Expectation place: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City 8 the Changchun City
    • Expectation position: Travel / hotel / meal / bazaar / recreation kind
      Assistant / guide the member that buy / counterjumper
    • Expectation industry: Building / design / decorate
      Fast consumable (food, beverage, cosmetic)
      Hotel / meal
      Recreation / sports
      Other industry
    • Expectation monthly pay: Discuss
    • At present monthly pay: Keep secret

    Educational setting

    • Graduate school: City building institute
    • Highest record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course
    • Professional category:
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