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Cui Yan bright
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Full name: Cui Yan bright sexual distinction: Male give unripe date: 1987-2-20 Id date: Confidential height: 178 Cm weight: 65 Kg registered permanent residence: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City area of 8 rising suns occupies a dwelling place: Jilin saves 8 the Changchun City area of 8 rising suns marital status: Maiden and healthy state: Language of good foreign language: Level of English foreign language: Outstanding computer capacity: Good and existing title: Without title work fixed number of year: 0 years of nations: Chinese ability of ego evaluation study is strong. The job is serious and responsible. Be good at innovating. Dare to meet a challenge. Dare to assume responsibility. Stronger English communicates ability, have good professional knowledge. Be full of working enthusiasm. Happy course of study respects property. Type of job of intent of to apply for a job: Full-time expectation place: Jilin saves 8 Jilin to save 8 Jilin province
Expectation position: Do not be restricted
Administration / human affairs / civil service kind
Machinist Cheng technology kind
Building / real-estate project technology kind
Other project technology kind
Expectation industry: Building / design / decorate
Chemical industry / the sources of energy
Expectation monthly pay: The face discusses at present monthly pay: The face discusses school of educational setting graduate: Changchun project institute is highest record of formal schooling: Category of undergraduate course major: Professional title: Authenticator of project of irrigation works water and electricity: Educational setting: Means of 6 cascade department contacts English of project of water and electricity of irrigation works of institute of 2005.9~2009.7 Changchun project phone: Mobile phone number: Number of 13578912583 notify sb of a phone call: Instant communication: Electronic mailbox: Cuiyanming@yeah.net individual homepage: Zip code: 0 communication address:

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