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Opening of the Eighth Conference of the sea to provide recruitment over 6000 job
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At 9:00 on the 11th, Haikou City, the scene of labor recruitment of the Eighth Conference of talent in Haikou Convention & Exhibition Center today. To participate in more than 200 recruiters, providing more than 6,000 jobs. Haikou Municipal People's Congress deputy Ren Chenqiong glass, Vice Mayor Zhu Hansong, City, Vice Chairman of the forest road and the people of the community bureau, women's federations, trade unions, Communist Youth League, education and other related departments attended the opening ceremony of recruitment, and Haikou City third base for awarding college graduates as interns. The job fair will be the theme of "job started, we work together." Recruitment site for a regional breakdown by industry is divided into the hotel dining category, pharmaceutical, comprehensive class, such as different regions. In addition, recruitment training base was also set up special zone status. Total of 260 units of household who admitted recruitment, recruitment job offer more than 6,000, of which more than 1,100 college graduates trainee positions. City labor and employment departments on-site for job seekers and employers to provide free career guidance, employment, policy advice, training entry, filing and other full-service employment.