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Chongqing future needs of 200,000 information technology professionals
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Following the establishment last month of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications Institute of semiconductors, the integrated circuit and Information Engineering, Chongqing University College was formally established next year, every year the country will enroll 1,200 students. Mayor Huang Qifan at the inaugural ceremony, said that Chongqing is building a complete industrial chain, information technology, the future not only to attract more than 200 parts Lai Yu investment business, but also 20 million professionals. "Chip is the core of information industry." Huang Qifan said in 2015, Chongqing Information Industry is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan, the Information Industry, Chongqing into inland highlands. 80% of the future will be at the Chongqing parts manufacturing, research and development, assembly, settlement in Chongqing. Anticipation that the only assembly and coastal compared to the information technology industry in Chongqing is a set of complete industrial chain, which is the development of Chongqing and coastal information technology industry in the way the biggest difference. He revealed that at least the next two years will attract more than 200 components business to invest in Chongqing.