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Statistic of · of financial · audit kind - accountant
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Sexual distinction of ministry of working section finance affairs asks to not be restricted
Statistic of · of audit of · of function position finance affairs kind - accountant age asks to not be restricted
Salary standard chooses to choose high school of requirement of record of formal schooling please please / technical secondary school (contain above)
Accept resume to not be restricted to work experience a year or above
Release time on October 14, 2008 up to time on November 8, 2008

Position description
Post requirement:
1, use adroitly fast amount to software to undertake financial data manages
2, money is met major or financial management major graduate, have substantive work experience
Number: 35286
Company property: Privately owned / civilian battalion enterprise
What belong to an industry: · of Electromechanical of mechanical production · weighs labour
Enterprise dimensions: 11-50 person
Be in an area: Jilin Changchun
Company brief introduction
Cutting tool of mark of blame of alloy of cutting tool of main management numerical control, whole makes the company, measure of cutting tool of measure of tap of UNC, NPT, Harbin, Qinghai.

Cutting tool of 1) numerical control: Rice huller of  having a hole bars KORLOY of WALTER of milling cutter of 鶰 ILL STAR mould, Germany, Korea, DINE, La Zhi.
Distribute of engage by special arrangement 3 water chestnut, Yisika, OSG, agree that, Beijing porcelain, day stands, Toshiba; Cutter hub of Taiwan numerical control; Homebred individual plant continent numerical control razor blade is wholesale and retail,
Merchandise on hand of mould milling cutter, rental arbor removes carry out one piece.
2) cutting tool of numerical control of mark of the blame that make: Broach of compound reamer of PCD, CBN, a flight of stairs; Milling cutter of integral hard alloy, reamer, broach;
Can pledge according to the material with the custom-built and diverse demand of the user, day of 3-15 of date of delivery.
3) tap of machine of UNC, NPT has merchandise on hand for the most part.
4) measure: Qinghai measure is distribute of engage by special arrangement of the Jilin province representative, product that breath out a quantity.
Serve the job that is us for you, our working tenet is: Go to the lavatory to stay to the client, we take away difficulty, the biggest the need that satisfies you.

Contact means
Contact: Liu manager
Connect a telephone call: 0431-88638989
Mailbox: Wkx-1982@163.com
Firm network address: Http://www.dl-sk.com

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