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The client serves kind - the client serves a manager / director
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Number of full-time invite applications for a job already applied for position property: 5 people of 8 people
Sexual distinction of ministry of resource of working section manpower asks to not be restricted
Function position client serves kind - the client serves a manager / 25-40 of director age requirement year old
Salary standard 3000-5000 yuan
The record of formal schooling such as award asks end of the year university specialized subject (contain above)
Accept resume to not be restricted to work experience 2 years or above
Release time on October 14, 2008 up to time on October 22, 2008

Position description
After company assessment is passed, group of management of can independent organization is developed maintain region market. Basically protect a client to arrange guarantee slip to already was cast, and collection of client insurance cost serves, effect of guarantee slip answer, add newly add danger, add stop nearly, modificatory bank capture expends an account, change policy-holder or beneficiary beneficiary, client manage compensate is assisted, reissue receipt, deal with time-expired return the formalities that return gold, market research, the sale of new product is publicized, the client seeks advice wait for the job. Number: 18958
Company property: Home appears on the market company
What belong to an industry: Insurance
Enterprise dimensions: 1000 people above
Be in an area: Jilin Changchun
Company brief introduction
China is sure in safety (group) Inc. (restful ” of China of “ of the following abbreviation) be China is core the first times with insurance, annuity of negotiable securities of be in harmony, fiducial, bank, asset management, enterprise multivariate alloy be in harmony serves the close together, efficient, multivariate put together that financial business is an organic whole group. The company held water 1988, headquarters is located in Shenzhen. Mixed in June 2004 March 2007, the company combines bourse in Hong Kong early or late advocate board reach Shanghai stock exchange to appear on the market, restful ” of China of share tag “ , code of share of exchange of Hong Kong combination is 2318; Code of stock of Shanghai stock exchange is 601318.

The company accuses establish China restful life-insurance Inc. (” of life of “ restful person) , Chinese restful belongings is protected > danger Inc. (“ produces danger ” in safety) , management of Inc. of restful endowment insurance, restful asset is finite liability company, restful healthy insurance Inc. , accuse a China restful insurance is abroad (accuse) limited company, restful fiducial investment is limited liability company (“ is restful and fiducial ” ) , Shenzhen city commercial bank. Restful and fiducial accuse a restful negotiable securities lawfully finite liability company, the commercial bank dominates Shenzhen town lawfully a restful bank is narrow liability company, restful and abroad accuse a China to be sure in safety lawfully (Hong Kong) limited company, reach Chinese restful asset to manage (Hong Kong) limited company.
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