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Storefront salesperson
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Position property is full-time number of invite applications for a job

Working section storefront sells ministry sexual distinction to ask male
Function position is sold kind - the sale is represented / 22-25 of requirement of client manager age year old
Salary standard 1000-1200 yuan
Base pay deduct a percentage from a sum of money award record of formal schooling asks end of the year high school / technical secondary school (contain above)
Accept resume to not be restricted to work experience is not restricted
Release time on September 15, 2008 up to time on November 4, 2008
Company property: Privately owned / civilian battalion enterprise
What belong to an industry: Electronic · microelectronics
Enterprise dimensions: 101-500 person
Be in an area: Jilin Changchun
Company brief introduction
Company brief introduction

It is northeast and exclusive that Ji of the Changchun City amounts to intelligent engineering limited company the professional manufacturer that how production of a complete set defends a product.

How to prevent a trade, 100 strong companies, province famous brand, quality system passes ISO9001 attestation, the product has world banner sex, development perspective is wide, place develop employee need not work experience,
After company interior grooms inside a few days can mount guard works. Salary precedes inside treatment industry. The near future already was collected city chorography.

Own independent factory building, independent staff dormitory.

Detailed company specification sees Ji amounts to company website: WWw.ccjida.com.cn

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