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Unemployed personnel how explain receive unemployed insurance treatment
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  • Unemployed personnel how explain receive unemployed insurance treatment
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  • According to " unemployed insurance byelaw " regulation, the unemployed personnel that has following requirement can get unemployed insurance gold:

    1, attend unemployed insurance according to the regulation, place unit and oneself already fulfilled capture to expend obligation by the regulation full 1 year. Insurance premium of rate of the pay cost base that presses a regulation namely, cost and unemployment of pay of pay cost time.

    2, because him apiration interrupts obtain employment,be not. Namely unemployed personnel does not wish to interrupt obtain employment, but because of oneself uncontrollable reason is forced to interrupt obtain employment, labor safeguard ministry releases " unemployed insurance Jin Shen is gotten extend method " case is belonged to to what be not him apiration to interrupted obtain employment to make a provision, basically have 3 kinds of state: Terminate labor contract; 2 be contract of labor be removinged by unit of choose and employ persons; 3 it is to be servantchoosed a person for a job unit discharge, remove sb's name from the rolls or dismiss.

    3, had dealt with unemployment to register, to apply for a job asks. After unemployed personnel is unemployed, unemployment must be dealt with to register inside formulary deadline, and must accept concerned branch to undertake for its again obtain employment serves.