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Interview -- decide before 3 minutes lifelong
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Greet, greeting

Everybody knows now " before 3 minutes are decided lifelong " , and before 3 minutes can of respecting, greet to wait with the greeting namely normally look be like the topic that is without a relation with interview. Perhaps you can say: "What interview makes an on-the-spot investigation is professional knowledge, I am longing to enter subject at once. " actually, since you had been informed to attend interview, the condition that has asked with company place with respect to the professional setting that shows you is fundamental be identical, so what does interview personnel basically see? See you namely whether the stuff be of a kind with this enterprise (Chemistry Fit) , the bearing of the way one speaks or what he says that passes you inspects your communication intercourse ability. The interview personnel that has experience so can chat 3 minutes afore gas, traffic, current affairs, latter heat problem, talk about the building near the office even, see the other side whether can answer freely, in order to judge you capable to give the person that chat to leave next good impression in first contact.

The accused knows a program

General in endowment the program that the enterprise won't tell you interview, but personnel of interview of some foreign enterprises is met after entering formal topic the integral order arrangement of an interview makes a copy to you first, in order to eliminate your intense sentiment. Normally the method is ground of interview personnel with a kind and pleasant countenance says with you: "We what can the first pace do, what can the a fewth pace do... " you do not want a kind to feel this is take care of specially, adumbrative you are about to score a success, this is formality only, come up against manager of this kind of very professional invite applications for a job, every applicant can enjoy this to plant " special honour " .

Cross resume (Go Through Your Resume)

Cross resume to have two kinds of ways commonly: Of thick lines be strung together quickly or be cento key. It is very clear to assume resume has been written first very specific, so called below such circumstance key is 3 respects commonly: It is not clear place be checked even and enquire; 2 it is interview personnel has interested problem to want to be discussed with you; 3 it is to make an on-the-spot investigation a few with apply for the information related post.

The query of p reaper (Probing Questions)

This is a few sensitive, important, a Gordian knots more.

On one hand the question that interview personnel can ask side of a few business, understand you to be opposite business difficult problem or the view of a few major problems. The stand or fall of the answer can reflect the professional level that gives you, susceptibility and the ability that analyse a problem.

For example: If you have an opportunity to assume office in this company, why can after you hope 3 years, oneself achieve to perhaps be engaged in planting the job? This kind of problem can go you to whether can set his mind at to work in this company from flank report, can midway finds new job, can make unit of this choose and employ persons is done finally for other marry the garment.
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