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Before interview prepare for war -- arm heart
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If say resume is the first kind of weapon, so you are OK by professional be geared to the needs of the job seasoned or it is small extraordinary from " sea cleans out sand " in kill a tight encirclement. But see you whether be qualified refine is become " true gold " the astringent interview that still have one round or is number annulus. You are quite fast, enough firm, enough the sharp, actual combat that whether latent capacity becomes a name to taste high-quality goods to rely on you completely is torn open enrol! "The bosom friend tells the other, just can emerge victorious in every battle " this word is the genuine knowledge that gives after actual combat absolutely!

The preparation before interview includes:

Psychology prepares for war -- " hypothesis "

A few days before interview had adjusted his mood, maintain favorable spiritual outlook. The mainest is be apt to is used " hypothesis " . One of successful recipe that a very famous American dash athlete once had said her are " hypothesis " . Outside adjusting with psychology besides assiduous training, she is met before be surpassed every time the material qualitative flexibility of the length degree of curvature of fictitious runway, runway, the voice person billow all round even the fragrance of field edge green grass.

Before interview, you not only the setting atmosphere that wants fictitious interview, and had wanted the scene that each pace may produce. Should know sth thoroughly to oneself personal details at the heart, to a few convention sexual problem makes sufficient preparation early: For example, do you think what you can do for the company? Why do you think you suit this job? Are the employer before you and colleague evaluated to yours how? Etc. Weak to oneself advantage force more want rational analysis, be aimed at such as especially " what is your defect " the query of such opposites, want ground of try every means to use concise and openly language is quits back problem.  

Appearance prepares for war -- " proper "

Actually, apply for a job also as commercial act, employer is buyer, you are a bargainor, want to attract buyer, besides " intelligent in " outside, even " outside show " . Besides, the first impression that gives a person after you step into interview assembly room is your appearance.

Consider the quality that the company considers first please when dress and the position that apply for. If the company sets liveried sentence, you are about to consider to plan neat and easy suit. If be network company, dishabille also won't have too big inconvenience. If you apply for sale, public relations, market and senior position,do not pass, wear brunet or gray suit will be more suitable, of course, can dress up oneself with a few refined small decorations. Dress problem should decide in interview overnight, considerate, not temporarily break an agreement.
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