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The mistake of a few common interview. - - the daily experience as interview per
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After working for some time, also had many faces to apply for the experience of personnel, this afternoon have new personality to come originally, but take later
Disappear, because they had done not have technical interview, from the back also not was necessary, write some of thing to look to classmates, let everybody do
Better, is not blindly grouse, can raising a question is should, can raise a question and can appropriate solves ability is ability!

1. must be worn very formal, at least very normative, accord with your identity, my face passes many people, can so say, those who wear business suit is basic
I give a good impression cent, but the dress that some people wear the sort of doodle art unexpectedly, keeping the clothes of a lot of character, beggar is taken
, the dress is sordid, the body has strange olfactory, I am direct of PASS, with your polite formula a few, say some of government language appropriate to occasion, let you answer
Go waiting for a message, your chela goes, I am basic the rear foot with respect to the resume you of what threw directly, do not blame me cruel, have everyday many brief
All previous passes from the hand, I do not have time reservation, also not was necessary to withhold, also not be I am not respected to you, your move is installed do not respect to me
, should I respect you why on earth?

2. individual sanitation has a problem, must remember, you must give me the sense with a bright dress, no matter be the dress, hair, or
Other where, must clean, once somebody is on my table, interview ends, leave one caboodle dander. Because of him always
Tricky. Still have, what individual is used to, scratch his head for instance, dig nostril ah of what, doing not have a habit is best habit. Still have
, you come to here, ask you must clean!

I can ask 3. you are very much problem, you should be received enrol

For instance, I ask you, WHAT IS YOUR EXPECTATION? Those who talk is basic the problem that is development pay, remember, do not talk or not
Want to talk about the problem of too much salary respect, truth can tell you, the company has decided should take how many money, what you want is tall, I
Fall to you, wanted low, I meet what go up to you, what look here is the manner of your deal with concrete matters relating to work actually. You had better be what to answer, labour
Endowment be decided by and my expression, is not how much I want, what I work is better, salary nature will be taller of and so on. I take a fancy to you
develop a future of what, salary is not the most important and so on, you can leave next good impression to me.

Be like again, I ask you, does our company know before you come? How much do you think I am to want to see you know our company really? You are wrong
, I am to want to saw you whether prepare meticulously really, if wanting to go to a company working really, at least you should get online in the evening in head day check
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