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Female undergraduate of get the upper hand of of choose course of study " 3 big
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Summit of annual obtain employment invite applications for a job pulled open big screen again. You come to unit of graduate, choose and employ persons my go toing is good not lively. It is however in this lively setting, always have disharmonious note. "Do not want a woman student " became the first standard with tacit unit of numerous choose and employ persons. No matter you are connoisseur old hand, still be new show of of people of talent, even if you have ability feeling lofty or bottomless, usable person unit is iron heart. Let numerous female nurses a grievance and go.
Those who reject a woman student " 3 big reason "
The first, on physiology and ability, the schoolgirl is inferior to a schoolboy. If be in,the boldness of the abiding, job of the abundant, endurance of the strong, energy of the body is mixed decisive wait for respect schoolgirl to be inferior to a schoolboy. The schoolgirl on the convenient degree that working additionally and lives also has inferior position, if most lady cannot drink, lone lady goes out inconvenience bussiness trip, certain unreliability waits.
The 2nd, female love gets married, after bearing children especially, attach most importance to with the family, the development that goes against absorption job and career. Unit of most choose and employ persons rejects a woman student, of assume sth as a matter of course think, after the woman gets married, because main energy is put on the family, this lacks enthusiasm and creativity on the job necessarily. So, would rather want 2, small-time alumnus, also do not want top-ranking woman student.
The 3rd, after female obtain employment gets married, want to do mom, raise the child, unit of choose and employ persons cannot exhaust its ability. This is the most crucial reason that at present unit of great majority choose and employ persons rejects a woman student. To unit of choose and employ persons, just enrolled a fresh troops, worked to be about to accuse 3 months to arrive because of giving birth to the child before long the length of half an year is false, and salary gets approved for distribution. From consideration of angle of short-term economy interest, unit of big much choose and employ persons cannot be accepted, the rejection of the leave no stone unturned when reason invite applications for a job schoolgirl.
Of schoolgirl get the upper hand of " 3 big a magic weapon "
Reject the argument of 3 high-sounding of the schoolgirl in the light of unit of choose and employ persons, female brethren can need not disappointing sadness. Actually female oneself is having the advantage that the male cannot compare, mix from current condition the trend will look henceforth, schoolgirl choose course of study, to apply for a job has get the upper hand of " 3 big a magic weapon " .
The first, sexual advantage of the female. Although the female is inferior to the male in the rigid respect such as strong, force, but the female is in flexible go up to have the advantage that cannot compare however, if the woman's tenderness is satisfying, work careful, feeling is rich, be good at making allowances for others, appeal strong etc, these characteristics collect secret of such as public relations, sale, article, tourist guide, money advantaged advantage is had on the profession such as the meeting.
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