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Classics of extent of the mind that apply Nai (reprint)
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Although of the resume on Shi Naide net fill in early enlightened, it is otiose allegedly nevertheless. Still basically meet through explaining to public the resume deliver that day. What I cast at that time is international purchases a ministry, and international purchased a too busy nobody to come that day, so generation of a Hrjj closes. She says international purchases a main English to be close friends, because Boss is a foreigner, still have even if want engineering course setting, basically center in material, machinery and industrial project. Anyway I hear of should English is happy, because English is my advantage, does but go last,stage Electromechanical ask that production minister English is useful here the ground of fierce? He says on the spot, return complement to say this namely why stage endowment is inferior to Euramerican enterprise in pay respect, so since then my entirely does not join stage endowment company.

First face (electric cover) :
Zhou San leaves explain to public meeting, zhou Wu receives Hrgg telephone call in the morning, whats did not say, want me to come on the spot paragraph of English self introduction, this kind I have preparation early, want when to applying for Intel to jackaroo at the outset, be crossed by sneak attack, the English introduction that so I said that paragraph hundreds times with respect to Blahblah was carried on the back. (remind even here, some companies may be more than self introduction, still can ask a lot of questions according to resume, so I suggest to have beside everybody an English resume, informal he asked! Ha) wait for me anyway me after that paragraph of Presentation of 5 minutes says, hrgg is already foolish dropped, ask me: "Said, that comes with respect to Zhouyi interview. That comes with respect to Zhouyi interview..

Hr one side (Zhou Yi, square of far east international) :
It is to go at the same time his manpower resource ministry, in the square of far east international of road of celestial being glow, I am to do 115 change 69, but this is impolitic absolutely. Because my interview time is 9:15, I went out at 7 o'clock as it happens catchs up with height going to work, I was blocked up 2 full so half hours. Meantime once wanted to jump down a car to look for an autocycle, but be opposite because of me over there not ripe, be in so I a few 3 struggle to still was not carried out finally later. The result just arrives 9:20, about 9:30 that had arrived, I think because be late,won't be distained, without giving thought to, waited to say again first. Passed a little while to make an appointment with 9:45 also is to be the same as the Mm of aid to also arrive, she says she sits light course arrives Yan'an the route walks over by the map on the west. Although go time is a bit longer, but orbit traffic won't be blocked up, so I suggest everybody uses this program.

That Gg that is the same as aid goes in first, 15 minutes came out, ask him how, he fumbles the ground says not to come out, still ask in reply my appearance what branch. Next I went in, face mine is to explain to public the Hrjj that can send her resume that day, she was worn very frame-uply that day is, I still think she provides rear service with respect to the canal, the result just knows to the teacher with big short for Zhejiang Province is before the family later. Hey, it is a person really cannot appearance photograph, him other people has a very big office, and in the public office division outside her office I still see the foreigner handles official bussiness over, the heart thinks: Pretty good, cannot often ab extra bonze good recite scriptures.
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