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Fuji opens account of interview running water (turn)
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It is the self introduction ~ of the same old stuff above all. . . Of Chinese. Say be used to Japanese Selfintro introduces myself with Chinese abruptly the ~ that feels quite strange Japanese broke up that into Chinese to say to her in the heart (sweat ~ ) , respecting is final " my greatest dream is to let family go up to live happily too " interview official laughed to ask sentence: they live now unfortunate blessing ~ (sweat ~ ) complement instantly saying is to should rely on my both hands to let them live more happily ~ said school company next now address and live together with who this kind of circumstance, at present pay and expectation pay ~ say respecting again a salary that their company gives graduate also with respect to this level. I complemented a company had increased wage to me. . . How much to because,ask I have salary at the outset again shame at at present company raises extent (200. . . ) be forced to be moved automatically low removed firewood to say 2008. . . The resume that sees me again seeks testimony my expectation monthly pay is above lunar 4005 ~ just saw because I like this company to want to be connected into Fuji,I say strategy of to apply for a job accordingly rapidly view company decision so ~ is asked again next reoccupy Japanese. . . ) just say to want me to come with me next all that interview is new China buys a minister to need an assistant ~ muddled. . . What but I apply for,blurt out asked is day fastens a sale to take on Yun Yun ~ answers: Our company sale takes on not to provoke a woman student (why should that write sexual distinction to not be restricted on the job announcement! ! ) , say our company sale is not the technical setting with the sort of deep need that sells general product again. . . Still say OIS(? ? ) the plan that department staff weaves full already this year did not enrol a person (the job announcement on that Chinahr is writing day of invite applications for a job in black and white is a sale take on date is of 2005.10.24 say ~ ) insensible. . . Prepared one caboodle to sell knowledge for nothing. . . Helpless it is a family should job to us be forced swipe spirit says I am young still there is so much profession not to try a few to whats won't know more on the world is the ~ that suits me and what I rush is the name that Fuji knows the head comes no matter what do. . .HR asks that closely *** then (I drip at present company) also be big company why should find new job because this job and my disposition not agree with,the blurt out in ~ thinking disorder answers I like and at present data of working lay particular stress on is translated wait for ~HR of job of ability to write to say that again. . . Next HR says to want to report my case to that minister to see the Deadline that needs not to need to undertake the ground asked my unwilling to give up the announcement plays round of interview osculatory ~ to face further goinged out with respect to preparative knock off. . . Saying is the latest next week. . .

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