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When does the encyclopedia mix my face classics to suggest, give the Xdjm of to
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Turn from the rich guest of enthusiastic classmate Lian: Http://willlian.blogbus.com/index.html95d565ef66© is this year's YingJieSheng.COM©4cb5d40ed4 of net of unripe to apply for a job

See board on so much Xdjm discusses the job, can't help remembering last year today, flash has gone one year, the acid of to apply for a job is sweet suffering
Hot experienced ability to understand only. Turn over oneself very long the Blog that did not do, deep feeling is quite much, rush about for to apply for a job all the day at that time
, feel to be necessary to record come down this paragraph of life. Look later like a collection of selected specimens of classics of a face, then the plan is shared come out, hope
My experience can give division of junior fellow apprentice younger sister people inspired.
Blog address: Http://willlian.blogbus.com/index.html
Very miscellaneous, did not succeed for the most part, pass above one round have ABB robot probably, CBS, this Guangzhou cropland, infosys, SAtyam, lucky fine horse, ford car, firm benevolence information, dow IT Center, altair, treasure steel academy

When does the experience that combines me say to suggest to consult for everybody.

Tip1, attend an exercitation more
Say my fundamental condition first, engineering course is professional, take an examination of from nonlocal undergraduate course hand in will read greatly grind, success is middling, without exercitation experience
. Read during grinding, before last class is done make a task, unfortunate is among still changed an adviser, not bad new adviser is pretty good still, the paper is mixed finally
Went. Grind 2 times semester is wanting suddenly to want to be prospective job to plan, cast a few exercitations then, experience Yan Fengwei
Group of extents that the world knows, disposition test and interview (so called 5 before 3 medium) , with the interview of the state-owend enterprise type of small Mi light,
And Shi Naide's one side, because postpone a summit,do not have exercitation salary to also did not go plus small without time also Mi finally. The proposal is big
The home has time or should attend an exercitation more, OK still experience goes to all sorts of interview and the company that know line of business of one's own profession, for the following to apply for a job
Assemble nods experience value.

Tip2, look for exact location

Began to apply for a job, what think of above all is to should seek what kind of job. Some classmate targets are very specific, make a technology, do official business
, try hard toward this direction next. And some classmates are very confused, do not know to want what to do, at the outset I also am such, this
Moment can the sea is cast, explain to public through listening meeting and interview understanding job, see oneself suit what kind of job next, of course such
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