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Does invite applications for a job sell a talented person? ? ? The fraud with th
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Dear classmates, in talent communication when you the center is mixed when invite applications for a job searchs all sorts of talents to his want and suit his to work on the meeting. Is having discovery to sell a talented person all companies most the talent of demand? ? ? Know why? ? ?

I tell everybody the truth today! ! !
Chief inspector of engineer of delegate of selling manager, sale, sale, sale, sell assistant. Are the friends that I miss such honor and position to often apply for a job not new? ? ?
Actually spoken parts in an opera actually these all appellation are for bluff person.
Come for bluff the person of invite applications for a job, for bluff client.
And these appellation actually can the member that a general designation is a sale or clerk.
Do not know everybody discovers, the talent communication center of every city and talent invite applications for a job can go to those companies with your metropolis same discovery be in every time salesperson of invite applications for a job. Be because is the company right,of the talent demand? ? ? Be because company business enlarges the qualified personnel with many need,still? I am OK very responsible telling you them is cheater! And the cheater that is the undergraduate that is dallying with strong finish school.
Why so say? Because they are for free use labor.
The salesperson did not secure salary. I think this everybody knows.
But firewood of know how things stand and feel confident of handling them, it is commonly 300. High point is 500 or 600. They can tell you dry good likelihood to deduct a percentage from a sum of money meets those who have 10 thousand above stop a person. And special exercise a person. The youth that graduates to firm university especially. Just began to want a field trip a month arrives 3 months. Those who work is very OK become a full member ahead of schedule. We are then lovely the main forces that the affiliation that babyish undergraduate is full of passion went to to sell.
When just going to work, the likelihood is led can give you call the job that contacts a client, to you Huang Ye lets a phone you are hit in turn. Perhaps let you taking fair car to visit and dig new client. Perhaps let you send a company again or the propagandist material of the product. Perhaps let you market the product of the company to his family and friend.
We are foolish the undergraduate of foolish strong finish school according to demand exert all one's strength doing.
But was done fast discovery of a month, although the product is,sell go out many big but how much don't increase deduct a percentage or have.
Because the student of your strong finish school does not have what setting,you are you also sell the talent not to go out how much.
And the kin beside you, friend, the classmate had been tormented in turn by your phone.
See him shoe run sodden how many pairs! Think of him future is very uncertain can think of to abandon artificially.
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