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Undergraduate exercitation wants salary to bring controversy labor department to
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Undergraduate exercitation wants salary to cause controversy

Labor department thinks the trainee also is " laborer " , should have salary.

Should undergraduate exercitation want wage? The Zhang Mou of Zhejiang college this year's graduates that in Hangzhou some enterprise jackarooed recently, in the exercitation money salary was not taken after a many month, have a meal to solve and accommodation problem, he begs to the enterprise exercitation salary, produce conflict for this both sides. When province labor safeguard is answering a reporter to enquire about sectional chief, think: " labor law " formulary laborer enjoys equal obtain employment and choice occupational right, the trainee also is " laborer " , should enjoy include " obtain work reward " wait for law to provide the right, they should have salary.

Undergraduate: Wanting wage is reasonable

The reporter is interviewed in discovery, jackaroo so like Zhang Mou socially beg the undergraduate of salary still is held out much. A lot of undergraduates think he gave work during the exercitation, created benefit for the company more or less, how much doesn't salary depend on, but winning wage is of course however.

They also express at the same time, beg in exercitation post now be more than the reality that offer before, if they do not have exercitation salary, also can submit to humiliation. To can stay in the future, they are general won't before go begging, can do exclusively, it is good on post good performance.

Enterprise: Put in the risk with the trainee

Some computer company can recruit Hangzhou every year trainee, its controller thinks, the undergraduate that should look for exercitation post now is very much, the company can offer all sorts of soft hardware conditions for them already pretty good, basically won't give salary. He thinks, a lot of trainees have academic knowledge only now, start work ability is poor, certain level comes up say that he cannot create profit to the company not only, take up even the company's limited natural resources, because this company uses the risk with trainee very big presence.

The reporter understands, quite the state of mind of one part enterprise and idea and this company are similar.


First-rate job signs an agreement first

Although labor department public figure thinks the trainee also is " laborer " , should enjoy " obtain work reward " , " accept professional skill to groom " the other work right that reachs legal provision. But the reporter still understands, also legal section public figure thinks, jackaroo even if jackaroo, work namely otherwise, both property differs completely, work to just salary says only. To avoid issue, whether does both sides pay salary first-rate job first agreement, come so, to the exercitation end both sides also won't generate any controversy.
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