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The 4 big errors that to apply for a job of female undergraduate obtain employme
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In last few years, expand ceaselessly as the dimensions of higher education, appeared in process of undergraduate obtain employment one nots allow evasive fact -- sexual imparity phenomenon, the question with female undergraduate difficult obtain employment more and more get the widespread attention of social all circles. Yesterday, the reporter develops a service center to understand from resource of Chinese Tianjin manpower, culmination manpower is right this city nods obtain employment to lead statistic to show when 3 colleges some, rate of schoolboy obtain employment is 83% , rate of schoolgirl obtain employment is 79.5% , differ 3.5 percent. To the discovery in the investigation that duty field invite applications for a job has, the unit of invite applications for a job that has close half the number puts forward to college graduate " want the man only " requirement, even government sector of a few nations and state-owned enterprise or business the unit puts forward clearly in condition of invite applications for a job also " want a man student only " .

Visible, sexual element has relatively apparent effect in process of undergraduate to apply for a job.

Affect the factor of female undergraduate obtain employment

Introduce according to Feng Jing of Liu of ministry of culmination manpower college's minister, the factor that affects female undergraduate obtain employment at present basically has policy of family background of professional, sexual distinction, appearance, family, country; Still a few units offer some post unsuited schoolgirl (chemical industry kind, metallurgy kind wait for) ; Devoid experience is regarded as obtain employment obstacle; Discrimination of sex of obtain employment market occurs really; Concept of partial schoolgirl obtain employment is old-fashioned, it is good to choose stable, comfortable, treatment only when choose course of study; The physiology feature that still has a woman decided to exist in a lot of respects and male apparent difference, the job " lifecycle " sex of short Yu Nan, add bear off etc, go up objectively the addition that causes unit labour cost of choose and employ persons. In addition, although have man student of some of prep above of schoolgirl study result, but start work actually ability is general under the schoolboy. Accordingly, female undergraduate is when obtain employment this respect can appear more passive.

Civil service major suits a schoolgirl but the threshold is high

Investigation shows, the scale that the female is engaged in project technology major under the male 20 percent, and the man of scale prep above that the female pursues teaching a teachers training school line of business 10 percent. This city a few famous schools, be like: The school graduate such as university, Tianjin university, Normal University leaves south difference of men and women of obtain employment rate is not apparent. The female proportion such as course of study of orgnaization of national office, hospital, school, finance, medium is higher, accordingly, drive up the female enters these industries " doorsill " . Schoolgirl obtain employment accepts the restriction of obtain employment environment, then some schoolgirls reduced choose employment level, make the difference that male alumna obtain employment leads not quite apparent. For photograph comparing, what the profession that the schoolboy pursues wants wide extensive relative to the schoolgirl is much. And reach in probation after becoming a full member, average woman student compares low 200-300 of schoolboy month income yuan.
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