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Watch interview from HR angle: How to establish effective interview program
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To the small company without too much resource, invite applications for a job may be the process with an arduous take time. Because onefold invite applications for a job is met,cause very big effect to such small company, because this learns effective and successful interview process,be opposite director staff people for crucial.

The business of HR Chally of firm of adviser of American power natural resources grows vice-president to writing brush · Wood says about: "Bad invite applications for a job can waste a lot of money of company. " he suggests his client makes good system preparation for interview, only such ability make whole interview process becomes more effective quite.

Wood says: "Interview has difficulty, and interview of invite applications for a job may be the job with a the mainest manager. " it is below a few you can be in of interview before, a few step that medium, later period takes, it can help you search the optimal person selected that fits vacant position.

Before interview

Know your company and position of particular invite applications for a job. If do not know to want the staff with what kind of invite applications for a job after all, so you find appropriate person selected very hard.

Wood says: "The technical ability that understands need of place of a position truly is the key with successful invite applications for a job, only such you ability is OK ground of have a definite object in view raises pertinent question. " the skill that different position needs to differ, inviting a know-all to make a sale may be a mistake, no matter the impression that his resume leaves to the person has how deep. Mean to the sufficient understanding of position of invite applications for a job can try the skill that fits a certain specific position to distinguish according to first order.

In addition, applicant is probable to invite applications for a job person search the question that asks concerned company and working position respect. If invite applications for a job person cannot answer the question related the working expectation with position of invite applications for a job and company detail clearly, can give a person so very not professional feeling. If you are returned,be the clear description to position, had better write down these content so.

Know what to should avoid. To avoid to repeat the mistake in the past, you need understanding to bring about the account that produces a mistake. Who is asking his last person that does this vacant position? Why can he fail? What kind of difficulty had they once encountered? Before interview, applicant should know what nature clearly the responsibility of meeting and position of invite applications for a job produces conflict.

Determine interview course. After affirmatory interview criterion for evaluation, should prepare one set to have the program of invite applications for a job of continuity. This will ensure you have a fairness and unified, can have relative system to applicant.
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