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Face of tripartite of the person that HR basically sees to apply for a job in in
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Be in in viatic road, reading an explanation " the analects of confucius " book, read a paragraph among them, feel this paragraph of word has very much to invite applications for a job inspire. This paragraph of word is in " the analects of confucius. For politics piece " in, the character is as follows:

Child say: "Inspect its so, watch its place by, what its install examine, person Yan 廋? Person Yan 廋? " 廋 is the same as search, it is hidden meaning. The carelessness of this paragraph of character is, confucius says: "See the motive of his words and deeds, observe he takes the way that live, understand his heart what to be content with, what be content with, so, how can be a person concealed, how can be a person concealed? How can be a person concealed??

To invite applications for a job, should want to must understand the problem of 3 respects in interview process:

One, inspect its so, understand the intention of applicant words and deeds.

What a the basiccest need understands is the intention that understands its to apply for. Additional, in listening to applicant to answer the process of the query, want to understand the intention of applicant language, such more be helpful for judging its authenticity. In the meantime, interview official cannot stay on applicant's language merely to the judgement of its motive, more need understand his through skill of a few interview real motive. Example applicant often can say to apply for this position is to develop better, this is a very abstract answer, the person that interview official needs to be hired through correspondence is located of the judgement of the circumstance, detail examine minutely knowledge is real reason. More tell widely, the person that interview official still can pass correspondence to hire before the quality that behavior motive comes to more comprehensive ground to judge applicant.

2, watch its place by, understand associate with experience of applicant.

The experience that knows applicant study, work is interview process is medium must measure. Because the associate with experience of a person can affect his in the future development,be on one hand, be like, domestic education, get educational rate, the metropolis such as the responsibility that associate with job assumes and habit affects a person work means, experience and latent capacity. On the other hand, assuming basically with a when arrive in middling of invite applications for a job is the person that succeeds before gains a success more easily later. So as far as possible invite applications for a job is in before the person that there is successful experience in learning the job.

3, what its install examine, what is the heart that understands applicant content with.

Change an angle to look, actual the thing that is pursuit of institute of understanding applicant heart, perhaps say the viewpoint of value that is applicant. Viewpoint of value is deep-seated thing, if the culture photograph be identical of one the individual's viewpoint of value and company, the administrative cost of the company and groom cost also can be reduced. Through be being experienced to applicant associate with, the understanding of prospective end and condition of good job life will judge applicant's viewpoint of value.
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