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Monthly pay of graduate of Hong Kong college is amounted to 40 thousand
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According to coverage of Hong Kong media, hong Kong economy improves, the firewood fulfil of college graduate also rises accordingly. The database of couplet school obtain employment that by Hong Kong 8 universities and colleges comprise is newest one season data shows, college graduate pay rises generally, in the database among them monthly pay of a position more be as high as 38 thousand yuan to reach 40 thousand yuan, break monthly pay is top last year 30 thousand yuan record.
Database of couplet school obtain employment is newest one season data shows, came last year in December this year in Feburary, share 1322 employer to offer post inside the database, position amount has nearly 1800, with photograph of the corresponding period was like last year, firewood fulfil median still is maintained in 6000 to 8000 yuan of levels. In each position, monthly pay 10 thousand yuan or the following position, relatively decreased last year about 9% , and monthly pay the 10 thousand position to 20 thousand yuan, criterion relatively rose considerably last year 9 into 2, monthly pay evens more 20 thousand yuan high pay position also increases somewhat.
In industry respect, educational position is vacant ascendant range is the biggest, relatively increased last year two into one, landed course of study and engineering industry also rise to be become respectively 3 reach become 2, and insurance is vacant decrease considerably 5 into 4, entertainment and travel position also decrease to be become 6. With working property classification, the position amount such as communication of be good at service, medium has scientific research, cure to grow considerably, but position of service of interpreter, insurance decreases.