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History go up the strongest interview strategy, hope everybody looks surely!
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What does general meeting ask interview the process is medium in interview, interview official is met to applicant ask a question, and the important basis that applicant's answer will become interview official to consider to whether accept him. the person that correspondence is hired, the ” of “ cat be bored with that understands these problem backside is crucial. A few typical issues that in trying on the article, often appear undertook arranging, give out to answer train of thought and referenced answer accordingly. The reader need not pay close attention to analytic detail overly, the key is the rule that should realize ” to give interview from the “ in these analysises and the thinking way that answer a question, achieve “ to learn to use ” alive alive. Problem one: “ asks your self introduction”Train of thought: 1, this is interview study a subject surely. 2, introductory content should agree with resume photograph. 3, state means to go up as far as possible spoken language is changed. 4, should hit the mark, do not talk have nothing to do, useless content. 5, consecution wants clarity, layer secondary is trenchant. 6, had better keep good back with literal form beforehand ripe. Problem 2: “ talks about your domestic situation”Train of thought: 1, besides have certain effect to understanding applicant's disposition, idea, state of mind to wait, this is the main reason that unit of invite applications for a job asks this the question. 2, simple enumerate household population. 3, appropriate stresses sweet and harmonious family atmosphere. 4, the attention that appropriate emphasizes parents be being taught to oneself. 5, the favorable situation that appropriate emphasizes each domestic member. 6, the support that appropriate stresses domestic member working to oneself. 7, appropriate emphasizes him the sense of responsibility to the family. Problem 3: Do you have “ what hobby? ”Train of thought: 1, the nature that hobby can reflect applicant on certain level, idea, state of mind, this is the main reason that unit of invite applications for a job asks this the question. 2, had better not say oneself do not have hobby. 3, do not say oneself have those low, the hobby with bad feeling making a person. 4, had better not say oneself are confined to read, hear music, get online, make interview official possibly suspect applicant disposition is dissocial otherwise. 5, best can hobby of a few outdoor comes “ adorns ” your figure. Problem 4: Do you adore “ most who? ”Train of thought: 1, the nature that the person that adores most can reflect applicant on certain level, idea, state of mind, this is the main reason that interview official asks this the question. 2, unfavorable say oneself everybody does not adore. 3, unfavorable say to adore oneself. 4, unfavorable say to adore visional, or it is not famous person. 5, unfavorable the person that says to adore to have negative figure apparently. 6, the job that adores everybody had better apply for with oneself can “ joins the concern on ” . 7, the what character that had better speak the person that oneself adore, what thought affects him move, encouragement him move. Problem 5: “ what is your maxim? ”Train of thought: 1, the nature that maxim can reflect applicant on certain level, idea, state of mind, this is the main reason that interview official asks this question. 2, unfavorable say those cure are caused bad to associate maxim. 3, unfavorable the maxim that says those are too abstract. 4, unfavorable say too long maxim. 5, maxim is best can mirror instead oneself some kind of fine quality. 6, referenced answer ——“ seeks a means to succeed only, do not look for excuse to fail”Problem 6: “ talks about your defect”Train of thought: 1, unfavorable say oneself do not have defect. 2, unfavorable say those obvious good points into defect. 3, unfavorable the defect that speaks serious effect place to apply for the job. 4, unfavorable speak your person to not be at ease, uncomfortable defect. 5, can speak a few not matter to what applying for working “ the defect of ” , it is even a few apparently looking is defect, see the weakness that is an advantage however from working angle. Problem 7: “ talks about your failure experience”Train of thought: 1, unfavorable the experience that says oneself do not have failure. 2, unfavorable saying those apparent successes is failure. 3, unfavorable the unsuccessful experience that speaks serious effect place to apply for the job, 4, the result that talks experience should be failure. 5, before appropriate shows failure oneself ever confidence Bai Bei, with one one's heart endeavors. 6, because explicit and objective reason causes failure,the specification is merely. 7, unsuccessful him hind cheers up very quickly, face the following job with more full enthusiasm. Problem 8: Why do you choose “ our company? ”Train of thought: 1, the motive that interview official tries to know your to apply for a job from which, desire and the manner that work to this. 2, suggest from industry, enterprise and post these 3 angles reply. 3, referenced answer ——“ I very the industry that values you to be in, I think you value a handsome appearance very, and this job suits me very much, believe oneself can have been done certainly. ”Problem 9: “ works to this, the difficulty that what can foreknow do you have? ”Train of thought: 1, unfavorable and direct speak specific difficulty, make applicant of suspicion of the other side possibly be no good otherwise. 2, can try circuitous tactics, a few difficulty appearing in speaking applicant to hold some manner ——“ to work to difficult place is normal, also be hard to avoid, but should have firm and indomitable perseverance, good collaboration mind and beforehand are careful and sufficient preparation only, any difficulty can be overcome. ”Problem 10: “ if my employ you, you begin how the work”Train of thought: 1, if applicant lacks enough understanding to the position that apply for, had better not speak oneself to develop specific idea of the job directly, 2, can try to use circuitous tactics to answer back and forth, if “ listens to the leader's directive and requirement above all, refer with respect to concerned circumstance next and be familiar with, the work that makes a near future next plans and the newspaper leads approval, work according to planning to begin finally. ”Problem 11: “ and ranking opinion are differ be, how will you do? ”Train of thought: 1, can answer “ so commonly I can give superior to be mixed with necessary explanation remind, below this kind of circumstance, the opinion with my meeting ranking obedience. ”2, if interview yours is general manager, and the position that you apply for has a manager additionally, and this manager is not attendant at that time, can reply so: “ is principle to be not problem, the opinion with my meeting ranking obedience, to involving the major problem of company profit, I hope can to more the high level leads report. ”Problem 12: Why do we want “ employ you? ”Train of thought: 1, the angle that applicant had better stand in unit of invite applications for a job answers back and forth. 2, unit of invite applications for a job meets commonly employ such applicant: Accord with basically condition, right this in all group be interested, have enough hope. 3, the condition of invite applications for a job that like “ I accord with you, the sense of responsibility of the skill that masters at present by me, height and good hunger get used to ability and study ability, can be competent completely this job. I hope to be able to serve for you very, if you give me this chance, I can become your ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state certainly! ”Problem 13: “ what can you do for us? ”Train of thought: 1, “ of basic in principle casts its place good ” . 2, the applicant before answering this question is best can ” of “ anticipate the enemy, understand the action that unit of invite applications for a job expects to this position can be developed. 3, applicant can understand according to his, him union answers back and forth in the advantage of professional domain this problem. Problem 14: “ you are a this year's graduates, devoid experience, how can you be competent this job? ”Train of thought: 1, if unit of invite applications for a job is right,the applicant of the this year's graduates raises this question, explain unit of invite applications for a job does not care about “ experience ” truly, the key sees applicant how to reply. 2, the cordial, resource that had better want to reflect an applicant to the answer of this problem, courageous and resolute reach respect property. 3, serve as a this year's graduates like “ , in working experience the respect can is deficient in somewhat really, during because this is in,reading, I use all sorts of opportunities to do a part-time job in this industry all the time. I also discover, real work is far richer than book learning, complex. But I have stronger responsibility heart, get used to ability and study ability, and more assiduous, all can complete each work satisfactorily in the part-time job so, the experience that gets from which also makes me be benefited blame is shallow. Ask you to be at ease, the working experience that school place learns to reach a part-time job makes I can be competent certainly this position. ”Problem 15: “ your hope and what kind of superior work together? ”Train of thought: 1, the consciousness that hopes to ranking “ through applicant ” can judge an applicant to ask to ego, this goes up already a trap, last time opportunity. 2, best and evasive specific to superior hope, talk about the requirement to oneself more. 3, like “ as just entered social people of a new type, I should ask I am familiar with environment, acclimatization as soon as possible more, and should not raise what requirement to the environment, the special skill or knowledge that wants to be able to develop me only is OK. ”Problem 16: “ are you advanced of a company leave one's post what is the reason? ”Train of thought: 1, the most important is: Applicant should make look for unit of invite applications for a job to believe, applicant leaves his post in the “ of the unit of associate with reason ” is nonexistent in unit of this invite applications for a job. 2, avoid to leave one's post “ reason ” says to get too too detailed, specific. 3, cannot adulterate subjective negative experience, be like “ too human relation of favour bitter ” , “ is complex ” , “ management is too confused company of ” of talent of ignored of company of ” , “ , “ is repellent our such-and-such employee ” . 4, but also cannot dodge, evasive, if “ thinks,change ” of environmental ” , “ individual reason to wait. 5, cannot involve oneself negative character trait, be like dishonest, lazy, lack not sense of responsibility, amiable etc. 6, the reason that makes explain as far as possible buys variety for applicant individual figure. 7, because this company closes down,like “ I leave his post is. I worked more than 3 years in the company, have deeper feeling. From last year only then, because market situation is choppy, the situation take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly of the company. To at present this one pace I feel very regretful, but face even show, search the arena that can develop my ability afresh. ”Same the problem is not an interview to have a result only, and same the answer is not to be in any interview circumstances are effective, after the key depended on applicant grasping the pattern, the particular case that tries on undertakes assurance, fathom interview official to put forward the psychological setting of the problem conciously, it is good to cast its place next.

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